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Biographical Records series

Bond of John Hamilton

Bond entered in to by two securities for the faithful performance by John Hamilton of his duties as a surgeon in India, 31 December 1789. IOR: 0/1/1, f.87. © The British Library Board.

Covenants of appointment, articles of agreement 1771-1946
series. Indexes: Z/O/1/1-14. Name of person undertaking to work with East India Company or Government of India, occupation sought, names of sureties, amount of salary or amount of bond.

Europeans in India, European inhabitants in Bengal, Madras, and Bombay 1702-1830
O/5/26-31. Annual lists of names for each Presidency, in alphabetical order, giving country of origin, length of residence, occupation and dwelling. Indexes in most cases.

Notes on people in India, both official employees and private residents, who came to the notice of the Government generally in connection with civil or criminal legal proceedings 1766-1829: O/5/1-25.

Personal Records
Memoranda prepared at East India House on the service and character of individuals, memorials, complaints, claims, petitions, suggestions on administrative changes c1794-1841: O/6 series. Index: Z/O/6/12.