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Glossary: F

A glossary of special terminology used in India during the British Administration.

The 3rd of the four classes into which the East India Company's civil servants were originally divided, the others being 1st: Senior Merchant, 2nd: Junior Merchant, 4th: Writer. The term Factor originally meant a commercial agent or the executive head of a Factory (see below) but it continued to be used as a rank in the Company's service long after the duties of the Company's officials had ceased to be primarily commercial. It last appears as a civil service rank in the East India Register in 1841.

An EIC trading establishment in India and elsewhere.

Faujdari Adalat
See Sadr Faujdari Adalat

Fort St.David
Cuddalore, South Arcot District, Madras

Fort St.George

Fort William

Free Mariners
Seamen allowed by the East India Company to engage in the country trade i.e. the local trade of South and South East Asia - the Company retained its monopoly on trade between Britain and India until 1813 and between Britain and China until 1833.

Leave of absence granted to a soldier, sometimes loosely used with reference to non-military personnel instead of the more correct term civil leave.