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Glossary: G

A glossary of special terminology used in India during the British Administration.

Gazetted Posts
Posts in the Indian civil services appointments to which were notified in the Government Gazettes - in practice this meant all posts in the Covenanted Civil Service (HEICCS, ICS) and the higher posts in the Uncovenanted Civil Service and the Special Civil Services. All gazetted officers were 'ipso facto' recorded in the published Civil Lists (V/13) and 'Histories of Service' (V/12).

One-off payments made to military personnel upon termination of service (in lieu of pension), also used at an earlier period to refer to payments made to soldiers after a campaign (in lieu of prize money).

Guaranteed Railways
Term used to describe the eight privately financed Indian railway companies which had been formed by 1859, so-called because the Government of India guaranteed a minimum return on their capital.

In the EIC Artillery and Royal Artillery an ordinary artilleryman equivalent in rank to a Private in the Infantry and a Trooper in the Cavalry.