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Glossary: K

A glossary of special terminology used in India during the British Administration.

Kaisar-I-Hind Medal
Instituted in 1900 to reward those who had performed useful public service in India - the 1st Class was in gold and awarded by the Sovereign on the recommendation of the Secretary of State for India, the 2nd Class was in silver and awarded by the Viceroy of India. For correspondence regarding the award and statements of service of recipients see the series L/P&S/15.

King's Indian Commissioned Officers
Indians granted commissions as regular officers in the Indian Army, to be distinguished from Viceroy's Commissioned Officers. Temporary regular commissions were first granted to Indians towards the end of World War I - about the same time a small number of Indian cadets began to be selected on an annual basis for admission to the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, where they were trained to become regular officers of the Indian Army.

Kot Dafadar
The most senior NCO rank in the Indian Cavalry, equivalent to a Troop Sergeant-Major in the British Cavalry and to a Havildar-Major in the Indian Infantry.