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Glossary: L

A glossary of special terminology used in India during the British Administration.

An NCO in the Indian Cavalry equivalent in rank to a Naik in the Indian Infantry.

An NCO in the Indian Infantry equivalent in rank to a British Lance-Corporal.

Law Officer
A Government legal official usually with general responsibilities as opposed to an officer of a particular court. In the Governments of India, Madras and Bombay the principal law officers were the Advocate General, the Government Solicitor and the Administrator General.

Letters Patent
A document issued by the British Monarch conferring upon a person or persons some right or privilege, title, property or office.

Lord Clive Fund (also known as the Military Late Lord Clive Fund)
Established 1769/1770. Provided benefits for disabled and time-expired officers and other ranks of the EIC/Indian Army and their widows but not children. Payments were 'ex gratia' and recipients subject to a means test. Last pensioner admitted c1886. In the Asian & African Studies Reading Room there is an index to officers' widows admitted to pension in the UK between 1769-1886, giving widow's date of admission and date of death.
Fund registers, L/AG/23/2 Payment books, officers L/AG/21/10, other ranks L/AG/35/50-54, L/AG/21/45.