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Glossary: M

A glossary of special terminology used in India during the British Administration.

Madras Almanac
Title from 1800 to 1859 of the annual directory for Madras City and Presidency. In 1799 it was called the Madras Register, from 1860 to 61 the New Madras Almanac and from 1862 to 1935 the Asylum Press Almanac. From the beginning it was printed and published at the Asylum Press, Madras, for the benefit of the Military Male Orphan Asylum. Asian & African Studies reading room holds a complete set of these directories.

Madras Civil Fund See Bengal, Madras and Bombay Civil Funds

Madras Medical Fund
Established 1807, closed down 1870, provided benefits for the widows and children of medical officers of the Madras Army - records at IOR mainly mid-19th century onwards.
Fund registers, L/AG/23/9. Payment books, L/AG/21/29.

Madras Military Fund
Established 1808, closed to new subscribers, 1862. Provided benefits for the widows and children of regular officers and chaplains of the Madras Army - optional for Madras medical officers up to 1847. L/AG/23/10/1-2 comprise complete rolls of subscribers and their wives and children giving subscriber's dates of birth, marriage and death, wife's dates of birth and remarriage/death, children's dates of birth and daughters' dates of marriage/death - an edited transcript in one volume is available in the Asian & African Studies reading room.
Fund registers, L/AG/23/10. Payment books, L/AG/21/32.

Magistrates and Collectors
Administrative titles used in the Regulation Provinces. For most of the period 1858-1947 the normal Indian Civil Service ranks in the Regulation Provinces (apart from Madras and Bombay) were, in ascending order, Assistant Magistrate and Collector, Joint Magistrate and Deputy Collector, Magistrate and Collector, Commissioner. In the Regulation Provinces members of the executive branch of the Provincial Civil Service held the rank of Deputy Magistrate and Deputy Collector. Magistrates exercised judicial functions in minor cases - the title Collector reflects their responsibility for revenue administration.

An inferior class of soldier in the EIC Artillery ranking below a Gunner.

Medical Annuities
Additional pensions paid to officers of the Indian Medical Service. Medical annuities were contributory unlike the non-contributory ordinary Medical Service pensions. Payments of annuities are to be found in the series L/AG/21/15.

Military Fund
Alternative name for the Lord Clive Fund

Muster Rolls
Annual nominal lists in a rough alphabetical order of the European private soldiers and NCOs in the East India Company's Bengal, Madras and Bombay Armies. From the early 19th century they provide information on a soldier's background.