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Glossary: N

A glossary of special terminology used in India during the British Administration.

In the Indian Infantry an Indian non-commissioned officer equivalent to a Corporal in the British Army.

Nizamat Adalat
See Sadr Nizamat Adalat

Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs)
Army officers not appointed by a commission or warrant - in the British Army they held the ranks of Lance-Corporal, Corporal and Sergeant. See also Indian Non-Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers

Non-Effective Account
These were the accounts between the Company, the Government of India and the Home Government, in connection with the cost of the services in India of the British Army, and later also Royal Air Force personnel. On rare occasions, payments were made for the use of Royal Navy and Royal Marine personnel.

Non-Regulation Province
An Indian province exempted from the operation of the Indian Government regulations and governed instead by a Commission under the direct authority of the Governor General in Council, e.g. the Punjab after 1849. In the Non-Regulation Provinces officers of the EIC/Indian Army could hold posts in the top general administration - such posts were not open to them in the Regulation Provinces. The top executive grades in the Non-Regulation Provinces were, in ascending order, Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Commissioner, and Chief Commissioner/Lieutenant Governor.