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Glossary: T

A glossary of special terminology used in India during the British Administration.

Town Major's List
Name given in the EIC Bengal and Bombay Armies to the select cadre of European NCOs who served extra-regimentally, mainly in the Ordnance, Commissariat and Public Works Departments - in the Madras Presidency they were known as Effective Supernumeraries. Recruited largely from NCOs of the Company's European Corps, and occasionally from NCOs of British Army regiments in India, they are recorded in the annual Muster Rolls of the Bengal, Madras and Bombay Armies [L/MIL/10,11,12]. NCOs on the Town Major's List/Effective Supernumeraries were eligible for promotion to the warrant officer rank of Sub-Conductor. In 1859/60 the Town Major's List was replaced by the Unattached List.

An ordinary soldier in the British Cavalry equivalent to a Private in the Infantry and a Gunner in the Artillery.