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Chaplains and other clergymen

These pages provide guidance to family historians on how to use sources from the India Office Records such as occupational descriptions or types of documents (wills, pensions or ecclesiastical records for example).

Appointment papers

Appointments made before the 19th century are mainly scattered in the following series:

  • Court Minutes ( B series )
  • Committee of Correspondence Records ( D series )
  • General Correspondence ( E series )
  • Factory Records ( G series )
  • Bonds of Covenanted Civil Servants in Biographical Series ( O/1/1-145 )

From the 19th century onwards, the above records still contain a certain amount of appointment papers of chaplains and other clerics. Additional sources:

  • Minutes of the Political and Military Committee 1834-59: L/MIL/1/49-74
  • Public and Judicial Home Correspondence 1855-59: L/PJ/2
  • Ecclesiastical Correspondence with India 1814-1879: L/PJ/3, 1880-1946: L/PJ/6-7.
  • Services and General Department Collections 1924-48: L/SG/7

Service records

  • Early service records can be found in the Biographical series ( O/6 ), Factory Records ( G series ), various series of Proceedings ( P series ), and Home Miscellaneous Series ( H series).
  • There are also some compilations on the Reading Room open shelf, e.g. Biographical Notes on the East India Company's chaplains to 1858, S.J.McNally (manuscript. Ref: OIR.283.54). The same author compiled a draft series of notes on Chaplains 1858-1947, which can be consulted upon request (in possession of Ian Baxter).
  • Histories of Service 1875-1955: V/12
  • Names of chaplains, bishops and archdeacons can be found in the India Office List from about 1803.
  • From 1886, the India Office List also includes brief records of service for bishops and archdeacons at the end of each volume. The brief service records for senior and junior chaplains are also appended at the end of the India Office List from 1927 onwards.