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Departmental and Warrant Officers of the East India Company's Armies and the Indian Army

These pages provide guidance to family historians on how to use sources from the India Office Records such as occupational descriptions or types of documents (wills, pensions or ecclesiastical records for example).

These are the officers mainly serving in the Ordnance, Commissariat and Public Works Departments of the East India Company's armies and the Indian Army.

For definitions of various ranks and special lists relating to this categories of officers, see Glossary under the following entries:

Records of service

  • India (Bengal) Calendar 1789, Bengal calendar 1790 and 1792, contain lists of Bengal Army Conductors of Ordnance and Deputy Commissaries.
  • Conductors and departmental officers in all three Presidencies are recorded in the East India Register 1800-1860
  • Indian Army and Civil Service List 1861-1876
  • India List 1877-1895, also includes Sub-Conductors
  • Some warrant and departmental officers appear in Military Statements 1785-1859 [IOR: L/MIL/8]
  • Bengal Army list 1819 - [IOR: L/MIL/17/2]
  • Madras Army list 1804, 1810- [IOR: L/MIL/17/3]
  • Madras Muster Rolls 1820-1830 [IOR: L/MIL/11/128-137]
  • Bombay Army list 1828 - [IOR: L/MIL/17/4]
  • Bombay Muster Rolls 1812-1834 [IOR: L/MIL/12/140-158]
  • Indian Army list 1889-1947
  • Indian Army Records of Service (Personal Files) c1900-1950. [IOR: L/MIL/14/237]

Records of war services:

  • Bengal Army List 1884-1889 [IOR: L/MIL/17/2]
  • Madras Army List 1861-1895 [IOR: L/MIL/17/3]
  • Bombay Army List 1868-1883 [IOR: L/MIL/17/4]
  • Indian Army List Oct 1889-Jul 1919. From 1899 services of departmental officers (not warrant officers) are included in the sections covering regular officers of the Indian Army.
  • Indian Army list supplements Jan 1902-Jan 1942


  • Bengal directory 1815 -
  • Madras almanac 1800
  • Asylum Press almanac 1862 -
  • Bombay directory 1823 -

Public Works Department:

  • PWD Civil Lists 1861-1940 [IOR: V/13]

Non-departmental warrant officers in the Indian Army who were previously Sergeant-Majors or Quarter-Master Sergeants of the British Army:

  • Bengal, Madras, and Bombay Army lists, 1882 - [ IOR: L/MIL/17/2-4]
  • Indian Army list Oct 1889 -.
  • India list 1883-1895
  • Bengal Unattached Lists 1895-1907 [IOR: L/MIL/10/233-252]
  • Bombay Unattached Lists 1902-1907 [IOR: L/MIL/12/275-280]
  • Indian Army Unattached Lists 1908-1939 [IOR: L/MIL/14/144-74]

Records of services of the above officers who took leave to Europe:

  • Bengal Services 1860-1892 [IOR: L/MIL/10/75-102; index IOR: Z/L/MIL/10/2]
  • Madras Services 1860-1892 [IOR: L/MIL/11/73-92; index Z/L/MIL/11/2]
  • Bombay Services 1860-1892 [IOR: L/MIL/12/88-101]; index IOR: Z/L/MIL/12/2]
  • Indian Army Service Statements 1892-1916 [IOR: L/MIL/14/1-49; index IOR: Z/L/MIL/14/1-2

Records of payments made to the above officers on leave in the UK:

  • Furlough books 1825-1947 [IOR: L/AG/20/9 (1825-1939), L/AG/21/11 (1939-1947)]

Pension records:

  • Pension payment books for retired officers in the UK 1825-1968 [IOR: L/AG/21/13 (1825-1958), L/AG/21/11 (1958-1968)]. Some with addresses.
  • Pension in India, 1883-1914 [IOR: L/AG/26/14/2-4]
  • Pension in India for wives and children 1883-1908 [L/AG/26/15/2-4]
  • Payments of pensions in Colonies/Dominions, 1860-1970 [IOR: L/AG/21/43-44]