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Lawyers and Judges

These pages provide guidance to family historians on how to use sources from the India Office Records such as occupational descriptions or types of documents (wills, pensions or ecclesiastical records for example).

This section does not include the many judges who served in the Judicial Branch of the Indian Covenanted or Uncovenanted Civil Service. See Glossary under the entry of Judges for explanation.

Published sources

List of judges, advocates and attornies in India are recorded in the following published references:

  • India calendar 1789: list of legal professionals in Calcutta area.
  • Bengal Calendar 1790, 1792: Calcutta area only.
  • East India Register 1800-60: all India
  • Indian Army and Civil Service list 1860-76
  • India List 1877-95
  • India List 1896-, only judges and law officers are listed
  • Thacker's Indian directory 1885-, include full lists of lawyers.


  • Earlier records of judges and law officers are included in the establishment lists from 1830 [IOR: L/F/10]
  • Later appear in the published Civil Lists 1840-1957 [IOR: V13]
  • Judges and law officers also appear in the published Provincial Histories of Service 1875-1948 [IOR: V12]. These give dates of birth and details of postings, leave etc.
  • Appointments of judges to High Courts, Executive Councils, Federal Court of India and Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, 1922-48 are recorded in the Public and Judicial Files [IOR: L/P&J/8/102-114]
  • Records of pensions granted to retired judges of Supreme Courts, High Cours in India can be found in the Accountant General's Records [IOR: L/AG/21/6]