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Royal Air Force

These pages provide guidance to family historians on how to use sources from the India Office Records such as occupational descriptions or types of documents (wills, pensions or ecclesiastical records for example).

Royal Indian Air Force and the Royal Air Force in India

  • Air Force List Dec 1918-Oct 1948: L/MIL/17/10/1-300.

Royal Indian Air Force

  • List 1941-1946: L/MIL/17/10/301-309.
  • Pay accounts of officers in the UK 1918-1942: L/AG/20/47/1-10. 1943-1947: L/AG/20/35/1-2.

Royal Air Force

  • Nominal index of personnel serving in India 1919-1939: L/AG/26/12.
  • Pay accounts of officers from India serving in the UK 1943-1945: L/AG/20/36/1-6.
  • Unrecovered balances of pay 1943-1950: L/AG/20/37/1-3.