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Northern Ireland Political Pamphlets

The Northern Ireland Political Pamphlets Collection comprises approximately 1000 items published by a range of political and cultural organisations based in Northern Ireland from the middle of the 1960s to the beginning of the 21st century. The collection complements the books and periodicals received by the British Library through Legal Deposit.

The collection was acquired with the generous support of the Friends of the British Library from the Linen Hall Library, Belfast, which has retained a duplicate of each item.

Range of publications

Publications in the collection are typically 'grey literature': otherwise difficult-to-obtain pamphlets, reports, policy statements and speeches. There are also conference reports and a small number of printed conference and media packs.

Political parties such as (in alphabetical order) the Alliance Party, The Communist Party of Ireland, the Democratic Unionist Party, the Northern Ireland Labour Party, the Progressive Unionist Party, Sinn Fein, the Social Democratic and Labour Party and the Ulster Unionist Party and others are included.

Official bodies, including the Northern Ireland Office, the Royal Ulster Constabulary and its successor the Police Authority for Northern Ireland, and others, also have publications in the collection.

Biographies of key figures, some songs, and campaigning works are included. There are several publications by paramilitary organisations such as the Provisional Irish Republican Army and the Ulster Volunteer Force.

The earliest pamphlets include those issued as part of civil rights campaigns in the 1960s. Civil rights organisations represented in the collection include The Campaign for Social Justice in Northern Ireland, the Northern Ireland Society of Labour Lawyers, the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association, the Fermanagh Civil Rights Association and other groups. Women's groups and prisoner release campaigns are represented in the collection as well.

Church organisations include the Catholic Press and Information Office, The Interfaith Group on Faith and Politics, The Irish Council of Churches, the Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Church, The Methodist Church in Ireland, the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and others.

Locating Northern Irish political pamphlets in Library

Publications in the Northern Irish Political Pamphlets Collection are catalogued individually within Explore the British Library and can be searched for in the normal way. Each item has the shelfmark prefix NIPP. Using the Browse function will retrieve these items on the catalogue.

An earlier collection of thirteen pamphlets, catalogued as A Collection of pamphlets and leaflets issued by political groups in Northern Ireland 1969 to 1972 is held at shelfmark LB.31.c.9115. The titles of each pamphlet are given in the catalogue record and the pamphlets are ordered via Explore the British Library.

The Newspapers Collections are a vast resource for studying Northern Ireland. They also hold a copy of the microfilm set Northern Ireland Political Literature: Periodicals, 1966-1989. A copy of this set is also held for consultation in the Rare Books and Music Reading Room, shelfmark: Mic.F.853, with a guide at open access shelfmark RAM 320.9416.

However, most publications from or about Northern Ireland are received through Legal Deposit and are available through Explore the British Library.

Enquiries about the collection should be directed to Modern British Collections.

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