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German-Swiss Internet Resources

A collection of links to German Swiss and Switzerland-related internet resources, compiled by our experts.

Unlike printed reference sources, there are quite a few Internet sites devoted specifically to Swiss-German information. However, a lot of further pages can be found both on general Swiss websites and on some German websites. Many 'pan-Swiss' sites use German as their default language, with French as a frequent alternative. (English, the so-called 'fünfte Landessprache' is a more common third alternative than Italian.) However, some of the sites listed below have a particularly German bias.

Libraries and archives links to libraries
This covers university, cantonal, public and special libraries in all parts of Switzerland

Schweizer Bundesarchiv, national archives of Switzerland

Schweizerisches Literaturarchiv (SLA), contains various links to person-specific or thematic inventories of acquired materials

Swiss libraries online; a collection of links to many Swiss libraries.

Swiss National Library

Swissbib; a metacatalogue of Swiss university libraries and the Swiss National Library

Western Swiss union catalogue, BV RERO

Publishing and book trade

Schweizerische Buchhändler- und Verleger-Verband
The central booksellers' and publishers' association for Switzerland. There is a bias towards German-Swiss publishing, but details of some Italian, French and Romansch publishers are also available.

Bücher Scheidegger / buch 2000
An online bookseller with some useful links to publishers' websites and to a monthly online book review digest, particularly strong on modern literature, politics and third world issues

Schweizer Buchzentrum
The major distribution firm for Swiss-German books. Their site contains a search facility and useful links to individual publishers' homepages.

Swiss Book online
The Swiss National Library's National Bibliography; either available as a database or as PDFs
Another online bookseller and distributor

Vereinigung der Buchantiquare und Kupferstichhändler der Schweiz
The homepage of the Swiss antiquarian booksellers association. Includes addresses of second-hand and antiquarian booksellers and links to some of their catalogues.


Lexikon der deutschschweizer Autoren und Autorinnen
An alphabetical listing with links to bio-bibliographical information about contemporary Swiss-German writers. Available via the website of the Schweizerische Volksbibliothek, a central agency for libraries and schools with similar information for the other national literatures.
A similar alphabetical listing to the above. Also includes a selection of unpublished texts by some of the authors listed.


Most Internet sites relating to Swiss-German dialects are fairly small and aimed at the level of general interest rather than specialist language research. However, the following sites can be recommended as introductions to Swiss German:
Swiss page about Swiss-German dialects with audio examples

Dictionary of dialects terms at
Either browse by 'Verzeichnis Dialekt' or 'Verzeichnis Deutsch'

My bärndütschi Syte
Specifically devoted to the Bern dialect, again with links to texts and to other Bern- and Bärndütsch-related sites.

German to Swiss German online dictionary
Either enter German or Swiss German term.

Schweizerisches Idiotikon,
Schweizerdeutsches Wörterbuch (Swiss German dictionary). Contains also a number of links to Swiss German language pages.

Government, politics and official information

Confoederatio Helvetica
The official website of the Swiss Government, with information in all four national languages and English - although the level of linguistic coverage varies once you click on the links. Includes comprehensive links to Government bodies and departments and Swiss embassies abroad, and to news and press releases.
Billed as "Switzerland's Independent Political Platform", this site contains links to the websites of Swiss political parties and to government sites at both federal and cantonal levels. Details are available of forthcoming debates and of the results of recent votes, and there are lists of regional and national representatives, with links to the politicians' own websites where available.

History and local history

Bibliographie der Berner Geschichte
Bibliography on the History of Berne, previously only available in print; since 2007 only online (search interface in German).

DigiBern - Berner Kultur und Geschichte im Internet
online, open access service by the University Library of Berne; contains digital texts on the history and culture of the city of Berne, as well as the canton Berne.

Journal du Jura = Leberbergisches Wochenblatt
bi-lingual local newspaper (1817-1832)

mémoire régionale / regionales gedächtnis - - Regionales Gedaechtnis Internetportal für historische Dokumente aus der Region Biel, Seeland und Berner Jura.
photographs, text and films of regional, historical importance (regions Biel, Seeland and Berne Jura).

Newspapers and magazines

Swiss Newspapers
Links to various (mainly German-language) newspapers and magazines. A useful source for the local and popular press.

Another list of Swiss Newspapers, from German Studies Web


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