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Moving Here

Introduction to the Moving Here website (not a British Library website).
A 1932 Passport of Anthony Ayah

A 1932 Passport of Anthony Ayah - an Indian female servant brought to Britain by a British family.[IOR: L/PandJ/11/3/1314] © The British Library Board.

The Moving Here website records and illustrates the migration of South Asian, Caribbean, Irish and Jewish people to England. For the first time, over 150,000 items from thirty museums, archives and libraries will be available online. They include photographs, works of art, government records, posters, maps, documents, leaflets, newspapers, interviews, videos and images of objects. The website documents conditions in the country of origin, the process of migration and the experience of settling in England, and explains how you can trace your family history. There is also an opportunity to add your own story to the website.

The British Library has contributed images of archives, printed books, newspapers, photographs, prints, drawings and collections from the Sound Archive to Moving Here.

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