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Jaffray Collection (Page 11)

John Jaffray was a bookbinder in Victorian London. He was interested in the history of his trade, particularly in union and welfare issues. Jaffray kept scrapbooks, probably compiled in and around the 1850s, which he filled with newspaper clippings, agendas of union meetings and ephemera including trade cards and advertisements.

Scrapbooks - various (continued)

JAFF 158 continued26. Plain sheet of paper with clippings, many small advertisements, pasted on.
a) "Printing and bookbinding establishment. The Potters' Joint-Stock Foundation Society and Savings Fund beg to inform their friends that they have commenced business... printing in the First Style... Bookbinding in all its various branches."
b) "The first American newspaper..." Buckingham's Specimens of Newspaper Literature.
c) "Varieties. In proportion as the inside of books have fallen off in value and interest, the greater pains have been bestowed upon their outsides...."
d) "Bookbinding with the patent india rubber back.. executed by J Rowbotham & Co, Castle street East, Berners Street."
e) Advertisement for Pawson & Nicholson, bookbinders, 23 Minor Street, Philadelphia
f) "Mr Urban, Oxford, May 24 [pencil note added 1794]. As the four old Oxford booksellers are almost as extraordinary for their ages... I send you their names."
 27. Plain sheet with 3 clippings pasted on.
a)-c) Article, 'The working classes in Germany'.
 28. Plain sheet with 6 clippings pasted on.
a) Extract from Mechanics Magazine, Saturday October 5, 1839. 'Improvement in bookbinders rolling machines'. Diagram and letter from C Sanders, Bookbinder, 185, Drury Lane.
b) 'Biblia Germanica.. curiously bound with brass knobs and bosses.. Luneburg, 1711".
c) Small printed stamp, black on blue/white paper 'British Museum' printed in a decorative oval plaque.
d) History of Guy's hospital, being founded by a bookseller.
e) 'Bookbinders' Pension Society. Election of 2 pensioners (1 male and 1 fem [edge trimmed]. Printed forms for those desirous of becoming candidates... J Jeffrey [sic], 61 Charlotte St, Portland P, January 14, 1854."
f) Query from 'Orillennis' as to why people christened John are called Jack.
 29. Plain sheet with 4 clippings pasted on.
Bookbinders' provident asylum

Bookbinders' provident asylum © The British Library Board

 a)-b) Illustrated article 'Bookbinders' Provident Asylum', pencil ms note 'Illustrated London News'.
c) Announcement of pleasure trip to be taken by Bookbinders' Pension Society to Lambay on 5 July [46].
d) Similar to the above.
 30. Plain sheet with 9 clippings pasted on.
a) Printed in blue ink, notice to bookbinders to discourage circulation of the Sun newspaper due to dispute between compositors and the Sun.
b) 'An old book. The oldest book in the United States.. is a manuscript Bible in the possession of Dr Wotherspoon... The book is strongly bound in boards of old English oak..'
c) Parochial comforts. Copy of a letter from Argyleshire received by an inspector of the poor.
d)-e) Account of a banquet held for Mr Alfred Clarke who helped gold-diggers in Australia.
f) Advertisement for J Armstrong (formerly of the British Museum and other binderies), who set up shop in Ashby.
g) Article on the Half-holiday movement.
h) Notice of employment for a country binder. 'No unionist need apply.'
i) Notification of completion of BM music library catalogue.
 31. a)-f) Plain sheet with article on British Museum Library [from the Times?].
 32. Plain sheet with clippings pasted on.
a) Account of a new American printing press.
b) A mistaken account of figures concerning output of Messrs. Harpers, New York.
c) Statistics of new books [from Dec 5, 1853].
d) Account of the Booksellers' Provident Institution 17th Annual Meeting [March 15, 1854]
e) Account concerning the scarcity of paper [June 1, 1854].
f) Advertisement for a stationery binder for J Foster, bookseller, Dorchester.
g) Advertisement placed by young man, 27, seeking situation from binders or publishers.
h) Advertisement placed by a respectable married man, seeking situation from binders or printers.
I) Advertisement for a manager of a country printing office placed by Mr Green, Bookseller, Wells, Somerset.
j) Advertisement for a well-educated youth required by a printer, binder, bookseller and stationer in the country. [immediately followed by] Advertisement placed by a young man with a thorough knowledge of bookbinding.
k) Advertisement for a forwarder and finisher, or a good forwarder and stationery binder. Apply to Waters, Hardy, Huddersfield.
 33. Plain sheet with 27 job advertisements, situations vacant and wanted (newspaper clippings) pasted on.
 34. a-u Plain sheet with 27 job advertisements, situations vacant and wanted (newspaper clippings) pasted on.
 35. a-h Plain sheet with 27 job advertisements, situations vacant and wanted (newspaper clippings) pasted on. g advertises the whole stock in trade and tools of Colin Frame, bookbinder, Glasgow.
 36. 2 newspaper clippings.
a) Letter entitled 'National education in this instance, not national prosperity', signed Veritas
b-d) Article entitled 'The bookbinders of Dublin - their present position in this city'.
 37. 3 newspaper clippings.
a) Dated in pencil, Feb 15/54. Begins "Cheap books, or "Literature for the People", "Times" of the 9th inst...."
b) Article from the Times, February 9, 1854 on volumes issued by Mr Bohn in 1864.
c-i) Article entitled 'Literature for the People'.
 38. 3 newspaper clippings
a-b) 'Mr Ruskin on Art'.
c-d) 'Mr Ruskin on decorative art'.
 39. 5 newspaper clippings.
a)Article by Thomas Carlyle on opening of first Mechanics' Institute
b) 'The forthcoming volumes of Macaulay's history' by the London Correspondent of Liverpool Albion.
c) Article entitled 'Novel mode of reducing wages'.
d) Article on British Museum Library beginning " British Museum. On Wednesday this establishment was closed to the public for the season".
e) Article entitled 'British Museum and the publishers'.
 40 a-g. 7 newspaper clippings, notices of auctions and book sales (eg the library of....).
 41a-l. 12 newspaper clippings, notices of auctions and book sales.
 42a-k. 11 newspaper clippings, notices of auctions and book sales.
 43a-k. 11 newspaper clippings, notices of auctions and book sales.
 44a-e. 5 newspaper clippings, notices of auctions and book sales.
 45a-o. 15 newspaper clippings, miscellaneous, situations vacant and sought, account of trial involving a bookbinder etc.
 46a-i. 9 newspaper clippings, miscellaneous, account of trial involving bookbinder, article on French and Austrian bindings etc.
 47a-d. 4 newspaper clippings, 1856 (including the Times), miscellaneous, stories about binders, the new Museum reading room, booksellers in Australia.
 48a-d. 4 newspaper clippings, miscellaneous, news about binders including Westley's, Tuckett, (d)letter from a bookbinder on the penny press dated September 1855, Eliot's Indian Bible.
 49a-c. 3 newspaper clippings, miscellaneous.
a-b) Book-making in America, from the Boston 'Transcript'
c) Middlesex Sessions, trial of a binder.
 50a-g. 7 printed trade tickets, mainly binders'. Auguste Pettel (tool maker, Brussells), Committee of Council for Trade, Wighton? (bookseller and stationer of Grosvenor Place),
 51a-b. Times newspaper clippings
a-b 'A descendant of Defoe', letter to the editor by Walter Savage Landor.
c-d Replies to the above.
 52. The Times newspaper clippings
a-c Letter to the editor, dated Oct 31, from Carlyle, Dickens and Forster on Johnson's god child.
d. Another letter from the above dated Feb 8.
e. Another letter, anon, on the same subject.
 53. Newspaper clippings
a-g. Correspondence on 'Destruction of works of art'.
 54. The Weekly Tribune, New York, Wed, Jan 10 1855.
a-d. Article 'The unsolved problem'.
 55. Newspaper clipping
a-d. Article on Mr Heywood's proposal for a Royal Commission on amending the Bible.
 56. Newspaper clippings
a-b. Article on Post office employment.
 57. Newspaper clippings.
a. 'the Labour Market of Sydney.
b.'The New South Wales Labour Market'.
c-d. The Times Feb 5, 1856, 'Murder of a wife and three children'.
 58. Newspaper clippings.
a. Illustrated Times, May 2 1857, p280, article and plate of the British Museum round reading room.
b-e. Article on european architecture and domes etc.
 59. Newspaper clippings.
a. 'The Trustees of the late Robert Seton, … bookbinder…'
b-k. Various clippings of news involving bookbinders.
 60. Newspaper clippings.
a-k. Various clippings involving bookbinders, particularly the discharging of bookbinders.
 61. Newspaper clippings.
a. Court case concerning bill in Chancery against Mr Campbell.
b-c. Library of Mr Utterson.
d. Druckerordern, ballad of German printers.
 62. Newspaper clippings.
a. Journeyman bookbinder charged with wife beating.
b. 'The commencement of the Millennium of 1855'
c. 'The first papermill in England.
d-f. Reports of a bookbinder selling his wife.
 63. Newspaper clippings.
a-d The Times, June 20, 1858, article 'Parker v. Carden and others'.
e. Notice of lecture 'Education or how to learn from books that bookbinders cannot bind.'
 64. Newspaper clippings.
a. From New York letters, 'great men in art and literature'.
b. On stereotype plates
c. New British Museum reading room.
d-k. Situations vacant and sought.
 65. Newspaper clippings.
a. 'Jealousy and attempted murder'.
b. 'The war in black and white'.. Lord Raglan is always writing..'
c-d General news
e. Ms note signed W Dent.
f. The Printers and Bookbinders Friendly Benefit Society, Cape Town.
g. 'The first book in America'
h. Bevan and Bevan bankrupt bookbinders.
i-j. Court case involving James Frederick Burn of 35 Hatton Garden.
k. 'Street preaching at Liverpool'. Case v. a bookbinder and street preacher.
 66. Loose newspaper clipping.
Notes & Queries Oct 22 1853, articles on Shakespeare's language, also the Earl of Oxford.
 67. Newspaper clippings.
a. Bookbinder charged with throwing a dead child into the Thames.
b. Court case involving girl who took up bookbinding in London.
c. 'Strange titles to books.'
d. 'Violent assault upon a female' by a bookbinder.
e. 'Parry V Young - The Practical and Devotional Family Bible Association.'
f. 'To sprinkle the edges of books red or blue…'
g. 'The Song of Hiawatha' article dated December 21 1859 on the importance of binding?
 68. Newspaper clippings.
a. Article dated June 1859 'Talk of the studios' about Zaehnsdorf.
b. 'Westminster. Committal for Infanticide and throwing the body into the Thames'.
c. Article on same case as b.
d. Bookbinders' Song [by John Gray].
e. Anecdote about books and the King of Prussia
f. The Jolly King. A song by John Gray.
 69. Newspaper clippings.
a. Letter to the editor of The Times re 'The one and the other'.
b. Pedestrianism. Gale v. Kelly, book-edge gilders.
c. Yarnten v. Birrell, defendant being a journeyman bookbinder.
d. 'Accidents and offences' [dated 1812 in pencil]. Journeyman bookbinder turns out to be footpad.
e. A letter from 'A Bookbinder' to the editor of The Star re paper duty.
f. James Cameron, insolvent journeyman bookbinder…
g. Electoral Franchise listing the name of John Lockhart Jaffray, bookbinder, Cowie St.
h. Anecdote about Mr Toovey who paid 150l for Grolier style tooling on a binding.
i. 'Wanted Bookbinder, Folders and Sewers.'
j. Advert for W Pratt, restorer of old books.
k. Advert for Zaehnsdorf.
l. Bookbinder wanted by Jackson and son, Hoxton.
 70. Newspaper clippings.
a. 'A curious collection..has recently turned up in Switzerland.. formed by a Swiss resident in England during .. the reigns of Elizabeth I and James I
b-c. 'Singular action for trespass against an insurance company', the plaintiff was a bookbinder.
d. Benefit excursion to Crystal Palace by bookbinders of all branches.
e. New material for bookbinding, mulberry fibre.
f. Present to Maharaja of velvet bound binding.
g. Sale of the books of the bookbinder John Clarke.
 71. Newspaper clippings.
a-b. Letter to editor of The Times from Alfred Le Mesurer re shopmen and recruiting for the army.
c-d. Another piece on the subject of a-b.
 72. Newspaper clippings.
a. 'Simpson's Seat of War in the East' to be sold to public.
b. 'Death of Mr Wright , the comedian'.
 73. Newspaper clippings
a-d. 'Book-hawking in England' from the Times
e-f. Letter to the editor in response to the above.
 74. Newspaper clippings
a-b Announcement of marriage of John Neville of Philadelphia.
c. 'The Ladies Pew-Companions.
d. A bankruptcy in connection with book-gilders and the war effort.
e. Bookbinder George Bennet imprisoned for fraud.
f. Charles Burgess, journeyman bookbinder, attacked his wife.
g. Indian Court Circular, 'the king of Delhi presents…'
h. Advert for binder's polish made by Mr W Bell.
 75. Newspaper clippings
a. Re Hayday.
b. Printers in power.
c. Combinations and bankruptcy re Hayday, letter by T J Dunning.
d. Book post.
e. Manufacturing and stationery business to be sold.
f. Bookbinding equipment to be sold.
h. Account of 31st meeting of Bookbinders' Pension Society
i. The Metropolitan Bookbinders suggestion to improve business.
j. 'The Depressed Condition of the Journeymen Bookbinders'.
k. 'A unique library using samples of different wood'.