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Jaffray Collection (Page 17)

John Jaffray was a bookbinder in Victorian London. He was interested in the history of his trade, particularly in union and welfare issues. Jaffray kept scrapbooks, probably compiled in and around the 1850s, which he filled with newspaper clippings, agendas of union meetings and ephemera including trade cards and advertisements.

Scrapbooks - various (continued)

JAFF 165Scrapbook
 page 2
 1. The Ship Binding Works - Mr Mills business card - attached to a document about the cost of living dated 3 April 1922.
 2. Four invitations to the 'Day Working Bookbinder's Society' Anniversary Dinners.
 3. The Song of the Day-Worker. (one sheet)
 4. Song for the Supplement. (one sheet)
 page 3
 5. The Corrected List of Prices as Agreed on by the Booksellers and Bookbinders of London and Westminster - July 1st 1808.
 page 4
 6. Plate -'The First Reading of the English Bible' (London Brian & Payne, 12 Paternoster Row).
 7. 'Reading the Bible' p. 107 from 'The Pictorial Word'.
 8. A Midnight Modern Conversation with plate from the original picture by Hogarth (Engraved by T. Phillibrown).
 page 5
 9. The Illustrious London News April 20, 1844.
Article on Wood-Engraving - It's History and Practice by William Andrew Chelto.
 10. A report. To The Donors and Subscribers. Ladies and Gentlemen.
 11. The illustrated London News - illustrations and texts on:
· Library of his late Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex in Kensington Palace
· Illumination from a psalter of the 10th century
· Specimen from Book of Deuteronomy in mss. of the 13th century
· Illumination in a Greek New Testament of the 13th Century
· Illumination from book of offices of the 15th century Burial of the Dead.
 page 6
 12. Oriental Stamp in red.
 13. Folio prayer time.
 14. Floral prints.
 page 7
 15. Mss minutes 1797 etc - miscellaneous.
 pages 8 - 13
 Mss documents - miscellaneous
 page 14
 16. Prospects of a Political Magazine for the Working Class to be Called The Mechanics Weekly Monitor.
 page 15
 17. The Bookbinders' Address to the Queen and Her Majesty's Most Gracious Answer (Queen Caroline).
 page 16
 18. Royal Coburg Theatre for the Benefit of the Journeymen Bookbinders Out of Employment, Tuesday, October 3d, 1826.
 19. Surrey Theatre Bookbinders Benefit, October 1829, No.233.
 20. The Humble Petition of the Journeymen Bookbinders of London and Westminster - petition on the effects of machinery, Dec. 14, 1830.
 page 17
 21. Bristol Bookbinder's Society Instituted March 1st, 1831 - Cash amount for the Society ending March 5th, 1833.
 22. Concert & Ball for the Benefit of the Book-binder's Philanthropic Society - Monday 29th March 1830.
 23. Surrey Theatre. For the Benefit of the Journeymen Bookbinders out of Employment. The Committee of Management of the Bookbinders' Theatrical Benefit. October 25th 1831.
 page 18
 Miscellaneous Mss documents.
 page 19
 24. Address of the Journeymen Bookbinders of London & Westminster to the Friends and Subscribers of the British and Foreign Bible Society. Document or an alteration in the mode of binding the school books of your society. Plus various mss.
 25. Employment advertisement by Mr. Haggis, at the White Hart Corn Market.
 26. Miscellaneous Mss. dated 1833-1834.
 27. Blank members certificate of the Bookbinders' Equitable Society.
 page 20
 28. A list of Bookbinders who do not belong to societies - corrected to January 1836.
 29. A notice 'To The Local Secretaries of Bookbinders Societies' - which they enclose copies of the Rules of the Consolidated Relief Fund and copies of the General Document.
 30. Mss notes and a map of proposed routes and lists of stations where relief will be obtained.
 31. Documents and mss notes by the Society of Bookbinders members on resolutions proposed to found the future conducting of the general affairs of the Trade of Bookbinding.
 32. Mss doc and notes of the Bookbinders Consolidated Relief Fund, March 20th 1st Quarterly Report.
 33. A list of bookbinders who are deficient of Humanity, and consequently are not members of Society, - corrected March 20th, 1836.
 34. Second Quarterly Report of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Relief Fund, 1836 June 20th.
 35. Third Quarterly Report of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Relief Fund, September 20th, 1836.
 36. Fourth Quarterly Report of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Relief Fund, December 20th 1836.
 37. Fifth Quarterly Report of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Relief Fund, March 21st 1837.
 38. Document by James Dickinson on non-subscribers on how to produce a firm bond of friendship.
 39. Various documentation on the Consolidated Relief Fund.
 page 20a
 40. The Sixth Quarterly Report of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Relief Fund, June 21st, 1837.
 41. The Seventh Quarterly Report of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Relief Fund, September 20th, 1837.
 42. The Eighth Report of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Relief Fund, January 27th 1838.
 43. The Twelfth Report of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Relief Fund, February 19th, 1840.
 44. Income and Expenditure of the Central Committee (report) from June 20th, 1839, to December 20th, 1839.
 45. To the Officers and Members of the Society of ----- (a document which acquaints societies with other societies resolutions and views).
 46. Miscellaneous mss. notes and documents about the Relief Fund.
 page 21
 47. The First Report of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Union, December 15th, 1840.
 48. The Second Report of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Union, January 29th, 1841.
 49. Map of routes and stations of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Union, 1840.
 50. 'A Splendid Collection of Rats!' - An announcement of those who have not paid their subscription!
 51. Officers and Members of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Union - Report on Liverpool Society's vote, 1841.
 52. Answer of the Liverpool Bookbinders, to the central committee of the union 1841.
 53. Document No 544 - Bookbinders' Consolidated Relief Fund, instituted January 1st 1836. (a members' travelling ticket?)
 54. Leaflet to the Journeymen Bookbinders of this Kingdom, in union consolidated, June 7th, 1842.
 55. A list of subscribers to the central petition.
 56. Leeds Bookbinders' Society - they wish to withdraw from the union and form a local society, in order to have control of their own funds, January 1843.
 page 22
 57. Exeter Bookbinders' Friendly Relief Fund - to provide relief under certain restrictions.
 58. An address delivered to the members of the Liverpool Journeymen Bookbinders' society. By the president, on Saturday Evening, 3rd May, 1845.
 59. Report of the proceedings of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Union, commencing May, 1843.
 60. To the members of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Union Dublin, March 1845.
 61. Report of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Union, during the periods mentioned in the margin, from March 1845 to July 1846, Dublin.
 62. To the officers and members of the society in connection with the Consolidated Union, Dublin November 5th 1845.
 page 23
 63. Report of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Relief Fund, March 1848.
 64. Letter of the Bookbinders' Society, December 19th 1846.
 65. Four documents 'To the Journeymen Bookbinders of Great Britain and Ireland'
 66. To the Members of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Union, Liverpool, August 10th, 1847.
 67. To the Members of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Union, December 17, 1847.
 68. To the Members of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Union, 1848.
 69. Document No. 490 - District Society Carlisle - Bookbinders' Consolidated Relief Fund, 2nd April 1839.
 70. Map of Routes & Stations of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Union, 1857.
 71. Print of a Bookbinding.
 72. Document titled 'The Harleian Style'.
 73. Document titled 'The Grolier Style'.
 74. Two mss. letters dated 1836.
 page 25
 75. Manuscript letters and documents.
 page 26
 76. Documents on the Bookbinders' Finishers Society.
 77. Manuscript documentation.
 page 27
 78. Manuscript documentation.
 page 28
 79. Price list for casting books.
 80. Manuscript documentation.
 page 29
 81. 'Bookbinders' Musical Melange' - for unemployed Bookbinders of Edinburgh. Tuesday, October 11, 1842.
 82. Manuscript documentation.
 page 30
 83. 'To Bookbinders' an adjourned meeting to discuss details of a plan for the Benefit of men out of work! Feb 6th 1843.
 84. Manuscript letters and documentation.
 page 31
 85. Manuscript letters and documentation.
 page 32
 86. Manuscript documentation of a 'Meeting of the London Consolidated Lodge of Journeymen Bookbinders, Tuesday March 4th 1845'.
 87. Election - Feb 6, 1844 Members Nominated for the Committee, to renovate the trade.
 88. London Consolidated Lodge of Journeymen Bookbinders March 4, 1844.
 89. Manuscript document.
 90) Selection of Newspaper clippings.
 page 33 (blank)
 page 34
 91-92. Two drawings one of a lodge at Theobald's Road the other of a lodge at "Plough" Museum St.
 page 35
 93. Three loose manuscript documents.
 page 36
 94. Circular calendar holding years events which also includes a letter reminding everyone which months 'Suppers' take place.
 95. Manuscript documents.
 pages 37-38
 96. Second Supper of the Finishers' Friendly Association at the Plough Museum Street. Monday March 17th, 1845.
 97. Selection of binding prints including one in leather.
 98. Documentation on the 'Finishers' Friendly Association'.
 page 39
 99) Leather bookcover.
 100. Manuscript letters and documents of the Finishers' Friendly Association.
 page 40
 101. Manuscript letters and documents of the Finishers' Friendly Association.
 102. A selection of leather and paper book trimmings.
 103. A piece of metal book print trimming.
 page 41
 104. Leather and paper print bookcover trimmings.
 105. Manuscript documents and letters associated with the Bookbinders' Finishers' Association.
 page 42
 106. Manuscript documents.
 page 43 (blank)
 page 44
 107. A Finishers' Supper - includes a drawing comprising 'the Extension of the Friendly Principle'.
 pages 45-53 (blank)
 page 54
 108. 'The Illustrated London News' Newspaper articles about:
· Thomas Moore - his death on February 25, 1852. Newspaper article dated March 6th, 1852.
· Charles Dickens
· John Murray
 109. Portrait of T.F. Dibdin, D.D. 1829.
 110. Green paper bookcover.
 111. Various manuscript documents including Chambers's Edinburgh Journal - Nov. 18 1844.
 page 55
 112. Portrait of Henry Fisher by H. Mosses, London, 1834.
 113. A lecture by Mr Faraday at The Royal Institution (newspaper article).
 114) Newspaper illustration of Professor Faraday at the Royal Institution.
 115. Letters belonging to Mr Wallwork.
 page 56
 116. Selection of J. Faulkners signature along with various letters.
 page 57 (blank)
 page 58
 117. Article on 'The Book Folder' with illustration.
 118. Statement of the 'Number of Acres' in the United Kingdom.
 119. Evidence on Combination Appendix to First Report of Commissioners for inquiring into the condition of the poor classes in Ireland.
Answers to queries submitted to operatives of the different trades.
 120. Four page article on Book-Binding.
 121. Advertisement with illustration by Westleys and Clark, Bookbinders and Embossers.
 122. Article on love and Barton's New Invention In The Manufacture of Merchant's Account Books.
 page 59
 123. Large illustrations of Bookbinders at work. Large Banner in red entitled Bookbinders.
 124. Announcement of Wilke's Newspaper Office and Public Library - opening and sale of various items. Advertisement page at end.
 page 60
 125. Advertisements - Josiah Westley's Book-binding establishment playhouse yard.
 126. Westley's & Clark, Bookbinders and Embossers.
 127. German document -1847.
 128. Leasehold document for No. 9, Newman Street, Oxford Street. March, 1861
 129. Wickwar, Manufacturing Stationer, book-binder, envelope, and leather writing case maker, No.6, Poland Street, Oxford Street, London, Price List.
 130. Wickwar Wholesale Price List.
 page 61
 131. The First Concert & Ball for the benefit of the Book-binders' Philanthropic Society - to take place 29th of March, 1830, at Mitchell's Assembly Rooms, Portsmouth Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields.
 132. Particulars of Contract of Her Majesty's Stationary Office for the various departments of her Majesty's Government in England.
 133. G. Meager, Contractor for fitting of factories complete, manufactory - 24, Endell Street, London, W.C. with illustrations.
 134. Samples of Morocco Hides from Peto & Bryan.
 page 62
 135. Letter addressed to the Bookbinders Institute, April 26, 1856.
 136. Various mss. pricelists.
 page 63
 137. Article on 'The Literature of the Chinese' - Chambers's Edinburgh Journal.
 page 64 (blank)
 page 65
 138. Article on Frederick William Louis, Prince Royal of Prussia with illustration.
 139. Illustration of paper - bookbinding and printing selling place.
 page 66
 140. Lines to Sir Robert Peel (From The Sunday Times).
 141. Socialist Excursion to Rosherville Gardens, June 16, 1844.
 142. Something about Cosmogony and Morals, For the Unlettered among the Heterdox Freethinkers.
 143. Songs. Written for the Anniversary of the Journeyman Book-binders of London and its vicinity, and respectfully inscribed to them by W.C. Boteler, 28th June, 1829.
 144. Bill Binder, A Comic Song; composed by C.D. Walter, 1832.
 145. A Song Sung at the Anniversary Dinner of Messrs. Peacock & Mansfield's Workmen, June 29th, 1844.
 146. Song of the 'ten Shilling Robbery'.
 147. A Bindery Song.
 148. A Conservative Dinner Song.
 149. Finisher's Trade Union, A Song, written by William Saw, 1835.
 150. Another Bookbinder's Song.
 page 67-69 (blank)
 page 70
 151. French bookbinders' business cards.
 152. French document about Mr Lesne's binding techniques by Mr Benican de Chury.
 153. Binding fabric.
 154. Drawings of spine designs.
 page 71 (blank)
 page 72
 155. 'The Memorial of the Journeymen Bookbinders of London and Westminster, on the Effects of Machinery', dated December 14, 1830.
 page 73
 156. 'Book-Finishers' Association' from the Art Union Monthly Journal, dated April 1848.
 157. Illustrations of:
· Specimens of bookbinding, with emblematical tooling x2
· Specimen of ornamental binding, and crucifix
· A carved book-case.
 pages 74 - 77 (blank)
 page 78
 158. 'Rules and Regulations Binding on all the Workers in the Employment of Messrs. William Collins & Co.', Glasgow, dated March 20, 1858.
 159. 'Rules of the General Sick Fund, of Messrs. Bagster's Establishment' - established January, 1855, Kings Road.
 page 79
 160. Bookbinder Society membership cards and dinner invitations.
 pages 80-85
 161. A variety of annual dinner, ball and concert invitations.