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Jaffray Collection (Page 18)

John Jaffray was a bookbinder in Victorian London. He was interested in the history of his trade, particularly in union and welfare issues. Jaffray kept scrapbooks, probably compiled in and around the 1850s, which he filled with newspaper clippings, agendas of union meetings and ephemera including trade cards and advertisements.

Scrapbooks - various (continued)

JAFF 166Half-bound brown grained sheep with marbled boards. Spine lettered 'BOOKBINDERS' MISCELLANIES'. Lower cover detached from the text block.
 1. Printed pamphlet.
The Bookbinders' Price Book, to commence January 1, 1813
 2. Printed pamphlet.
An account of the rise and progress of the dispute between the masters and journeymen printers, London, 1799
 3. 2 printed sheets titled 'Typographical Sketches' by William Shakespear [sic].
 4. Printed pamphlet.
Rules, orders and regulations of the Bookbinders Friendly Benefit Society, London, 1816.
 5. Single printed sheet.
Estimate of monies expended, in order to defray the charges connected with the revision of the articles of the Bookbinders' Friendly Benefit Society, June 1816.
 6. Printed pamphlet.
Rules, orders and regulations of the Bookbinders' Friendly Benefit Society, London, 1824.
 7. 2 printed sheets.
Regulations of the Society of Bookbinders for the relief of superannuated members.
 8i. Lose sheet with ink ms note regarding the definition of a statute.
ii. Printed slip completed in ink ms notes summoning John Dunbar to testify during the
James and Thomas Fraser case.
iii. Printed pamphlet.
Pratt, .. versus Fraser, London 1811.
In ms note on title page, 'To John Dunbar Dunfries from Mrs Farquhar London'.
 9. Single printed sheet titled 'To master bookbinders . In the court of King's Bench, June 6, 1811.
 10. Printed pamphlet.
Report of a cause, Pratt … versus Annereau, London 1813.
 11. Printed pamphlet.
A statement of the causes which led to the present difference between the master and journeymen bookbinders of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, 1825.
 12. Single printed sheet, pencil ms note 'March 1834'.
Letter to Friendly Society of Bookbinders re increased payments.
 13. Single printed sheet.
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. Address of the Journeymen Bookbinders employed on the works of the above establishment…' dated August 10, 1826.
 14. Single printed sheet as item 13.
SPCK. Second address… dated August 11, 1826.
 15. Printed single sheet (fold-out).
Copy of a letter addressed to the members of the five lodges, dated Monday, December 1830. Machines replacing working men.
 16. Printed single sheet (fold out).
The humble petition of the Journeymen Bookbinders of London and Westminster, to the committee of the SPCK.
 17. Newspaper clipping from The Advocate.
Article entitled 'The Boookbinders' concerning the introduction of new machinery.
 18. 2 printed sheets.
The memorial of the Journeymen Bookbinders of London and Westminster on the effects of machinery. Dated December 14, 1830.
 19. Single printed sheet (fold-out).
The Bookbinders Humble Petition to the Trustees of the British Museum. A poem from the binding shop.
 20. Printed pamphlet.
The reply of the Journeymen Bookbinders to remarks on a memorial … on the effects of a machine, London, 1831
 21. Newspaper clipping.
An address to the Bookbinders of London and Westminster, by a member of the Trade society, Benjamin Teasdale, May 1833.
 22. Printed sheet (fold out).
To the Master Bookbinders of London, Westminster, and Southwark
Letter from the committee regarding the excessive number of apprentices being taken on. Dated October, 1833.
 23. Printed single sheet.
Bookbinders' Friendly Society
Special. Letter requesting one shilling per week sent by Benjamin Teasdale, President, dated January 7, 1834.
 24. Printed single sheet.
Friendly Society of Bookbinders.
Letter from Benjamin Teasdale, President, dated Jan 31 1834.
 25. Printed single sheet.
Bookbinders' Society.
Letter from Benjamin Teasdale, dated March 31, 1834.
 26. Printed single sheet.
Friendly Society of Bookbinders.
Letter dated May 3, 1834 concerning equalization of prices etc.
 27. Printed single sheet (fold-out).
Address of the Journeymen Bookbinders of London & Westminster to the Friends… of the British and Foreign Bible Society, May 6, 1834.
 28. Printed single sheet.
To the Bookbinders. Members of the Lodge. Signed the Central Committee, Sun, Long-Millgate, Manchester, dated May 28, 1836.
 29. Printed single sheet.
To the officers and members of the Parent Society of Bookbinders, London
Letter from John Dickson, chief secretary of the committee, dated Sun, Long Mill-gate, December 2, 1836.
 30. Printed single sheet.
To the officers and members of the Parent Society of Bookbinders, London from the Central Committee, Manchester.
 31. Printed pamphlet.
Report of the Committee of the Journeymen Bookbinders' Society on the present depressed state of the trade, Liverpool, 1838
 32. Printed single sheet.
Society of Bookbinders. General meeting announced by General Committee. Notice dated April 5, 1838
 33. Newspaper clipping.
Regarding Mr Sergeant Talfourd's copyright bill.
 34. Printed pamphlet.
The Book-Binding Trade. Proceedings at a meeting of the Booksellers and Publishers of London and Westminster, held at the London Coffee-House, Friday, January 18, 1839, London, 1839.
 35. Single printed sheet.
London Consolidated Lodge of Journeymen Bookbinders. Letter from secretary T J Dunning concerning the Scottish Board and cheap circulation of the Bible. Dated August 1, 1842.
 36. Single printed sheet.
Heading 'The Scottish Board & Cheap Bible Circulation.'
 37. 2 printed sheets (fold-outs).
Headed 'Scottish Board for Bible Circulation' printed by Munro & Congreve, Lincoln's Inn Fields.
 38. 2 printed sheets (fold-outs).
Heading 'British and Foreign Bible Society'. Address of the Journeymen Bookbinders of London and Westminster to the Religious Public. Includes replies.
 39. 2 printed sheets (fold-outs).
Heading 'British and Foreign Bible Society'. Second Address of the Journeymen Bookbinders of London and Westminster to the Religious Public.
 40. Single sheet.
British and Foreign Bible Society. Statement of the Journeyman Bookbinders. To the Public Press.
 41. 2 sheets.
Statement by T J Dunning regarding wages and prices in connection with the British and Foreign Bible Society.
 42. Pamphlet.
Adam Thomson, Charges against the British and Foreign Bible Society, London, 1843.
 43. 3 Newspaper clippings.
a) Cheap copies of the Holy Scriptures taken from the Sunday Schools Teachers Magazine, Dec[?], 142.
b-c) article 'The London Journeymen Bookbinders and the British and Foreign Bible Society'.
 44. 3 newspaper clippings.
a-c) Article 'The Bible Society and its Bookbinders'.
 45. 4 newspaper clippings.
a-c) Article from New Moral World, Feb 4 entitled 'Bibles and Bookbinders'.
 46. 5 newspaper clippings.
a-b) Article from Britannia, March 15, entitled 'The Journeymen Bookbinders'.
c-d) Article from the Sheffield [?] , March 25, entitled 'The Politician'.
a) Printed sheet, fold-out, 'Circular relative to the "Address of the Journeymen Bookbinders of London and Westminster to the Religious Public".
b-c) newspaper clipping, correspondence relating to the above.
a) Newspaper clipping, entitled 'Cheapest Bible Depository. Notice of Removal' relating to the Scottish Board for Bible circulation.
b) Newspaper clipping dated March 15, 1843, 'To the subscribers and friends of the British and Foreign Bible Society'.
c) Clipping headed 'Cheap Bible Depository' relating to J Snow's depository and charges.
d) Printed sheet dated March 15, 1843, 'to the Subscribers and Friends of the British and Foreign Bible Society' from the Master Bookbinders.
 49. 2 printed sheets, 'Abuses of the Bible Societies and the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge' signed Amicus, May 24 1843.
 50. Printed sheet.
Emma Martin, 'Third weekly address to the Catholic and Protestant Congregations of the Metropolis', Dec 1843.
 51. 2 printed pages from 'Free-Thinkers' Information For the People and Journal of Free Discussion', vol ii, no 4, pp. 49-52.
Article, incomplete, 'The Salvation of Souls by the Starvation of Bodies; or the British and Foreign Bible-Mongers, and the Bookbinders of London.'
 52. pp. 75-88 of unidentified book, Chapter VI, Commercial Classes.
 53. pp. 355-374 of unidentified book, Chapter XXIII, Needlework on Books.
 54. pp.193-212 of unidentified book, Chapter VI, Young Women, relating to wages in London.
 55. pp. 15-22 of unidentified journal of Jan 1834, 'The King's Library, British Museum'.
 56. pp. 59-64 of unidentified journal of Jan 1834, 'Mr Caldecott's Library' and 'Privately Printed Books'.
 57. pp. 105-110 of unidentified journal of Jan 1834, 'Obituary Richard Heber'.
 58. Newspaper clipping.
a-b) 'The Trades of London. No.IV. The Bookbinders'.
 59. Newspaper clipping.
a-c) continuation of item 58.
 60. Mainly clippings.
a) Account of testimony for Daniel Ross, secretary of Edinburgh Bookbinders Benefit Society.
b) Verse by 'Whif' titled 'Irish Binding'.
c) Clipping re collection of title pages in BM.
d) Paragraph on binding annuals.
e) Hanwell Station Great Western Railway timetable to Paddington, 1847.
f) Advert for John Neilson, bookbinder.
g) Advert for John Lamont, bookbinding and stationery.
h) Article 'Amusement in retirement', Teaching by Mr Mackie, who taught Queen Charlotte and the princesses.
i) Clipping defining 'Brocheuse'.
 61. Newspaper clippings.
a) Clipping on the benefit of books.
b) 'The Bookbinder and the Poet'.
c-d) 2 clippings re bookbinders aiding the distress in Paisley.
e) Poem by John Critchley Prince, 'The Pen and the Press'.
f) 'Mr Sotheby ... died on Tuesday'.
g) 'The produce of the French press...'
h) 'Punch's Review. The Simnel plum-cake, Bury.'
i) EXTREMELY FRAGILE. 2 fragments of papyrus from a book in the BM, according to pencil ms notes.
 62. Mainly clippings (adverts) and binders' tickets. 34 items.
Including tickets of C. Day, G. Gittens, John Bird, the Inmates of the Male Refuge Hoxton, Bookbinders Consolidated Union, J F Carpue, Wickwar, Josiah Westley, T R Eeles and son.
 63. 3 newspaper clippings.
a-b) article 'Journeymen Printers'.
c) Clipping on shelf space in BM.
 64. 5 newspaper clippings.
a-b) 'Ninth Anniversary of the Albany Typographical Society'.
c) 'The Book of the Feet'.
d) 'Robert's Spanish Sketches'.
e) Popular toasts.
 65. Printed page (185) from Disraeli's 'Sybil, or the Two Nations' on expulsions from trade unions.
 66. Newspaper clippings on both recto and verso.
a) 'Literature in France'.
b-m) assorted small clippings on the trade, including an example of Stocken's binding pin.
n) on verso 'The Law of Copyright'.
 67. 3 newspaper clippings.
a-c) on Talfourd's Copyright Bill.
 68. 6 newspaper clippings.
a) Bookbinding display in Polytechnic Exhibition
b) Advert for Rowley's Patent Self-Binding Port-Folio.
c) Joke re bookbinders.
 69. 4 Newspaper clippings.
a-c) Caxton's House in the Almonry'.
d) 'Lamentable ignorance concerning Old and New Testaments.'
d) 'Sumptuous Entertainment'.
f) Joke from Punch re binding made of iron.
 70. 4 newspaper clippings.
a-d) on 18c wages and prices.
 71. 7 newspaper clippings.
a) 'Libraries and Effects of Poets'.
b) 'Copyright' from Britannia, March 11.
c) "Printers. No trade (says the Portland Tribune)...."
d) Notice of the funeral of Hannah, wife of Thomas W. Faulkner, taken from the New York ?, Friday Sept 18, 1846.
e) "William Eagles... a bookbinder... assaulted Mr Bannche."
f) Number of typographical letters in the Times.
g) 'Missionary Printers'.
 72. 3 newspaper clippings.
a) 'Advice on Choosing a Wife'.
b) Relating to James VI and printing.
c) Physical fitness of bookbinders and printers.
 73. 4 newspaper clippings.
a-b) History of bookbinding.
c) Punch's Prospectus.
d) Binder's ticket, Norman and Duncan.
e) Small booklet 'Howlett's Victoria Golden Almanac for 1850'.
 74. 5 newspaper clippings, recto and verso.
a-b) 'Death of Dr Southey'.
c) Extract from the Times, April 1846 "A dung...."
d) Apology from Thos. Davies to the Master Paperstainers.
e) Short book review of Tuckett's 'Specimens of Ancient and Modern binding...BM'.
 75. Single printed sheet
Publisher's advert for of Tuckett's book 'Specimens...'
 76. Single printed sheet.
Same as 75, but in a slightly different format.
 77. Small printed sheet with two cuttings pasted on.
a) Ancient Roman Numerals.
b) Newspaper clipping of the same.
c) Ms note of 1588 in Roman numerals etc.
 78. 8 newspaper clippings.
a) 'Mankind are all Books' .
 79. 8 newspaper clippings.
a)'Speech Restored to the Upper Classes'.
b-c) 4 engravings? with pencil ms notes 'Life', 'high', 'love', 'consolation in ?'
d)'Printing and Binding', M Girard, a bookbinder, sent to the Congress.
e)'Illustrated Circulars' from Punch.
f) 'England's Wooden Walls' .
g) 'Saturday August 14' 'the invention of printing.
h) 'Caoutchouc Bookbinding'.
i) Illustration of ancient writing implements.
 80. Single printed sheet.
Announcement dated May 1845 of publication of the Illuminated Magazine.
 81. 8 newspaper clippings.
a-b) 'Labour in New York. NoIV, the Bookbinders. From the Tribune.'
c) The oldest mp with ink ms note 'King of Wales'.
d-e) as a) but 'no III, the Bookfolders'.
f) 'Patent Vellum Cloth'.
g) 'An Enlightened Cobbler' humorous piece.
h) 'J.M (Birmingham) -in lettering or ornamenting....'
 82. 7 newspaper clippings, recto and verso.
a) 'Domestic Occurrences in April, 1732' [Gentlemen's Magazine ?} account of suicide of Richard Smith, bookbinder.
b) Dolman's Advertising Circular' 'The Glories of Bibliopegy.'
c) 'A Female Library'.
d) [article with no heading. Criticisms of authors?]
e) 'The first book published with a licence after the invention of printing...'
f) Clipping from Allgemeiner Zeitung.
g) Pencil ms note re bookbinding training[?].
 83. 6 newspaper clippings.
a) Letter printed in a German newspaper headed 'Buchersteigerung'.
b) 'Society of Arts' mentioning Joseph Cundall.
c) Clipping with ink ms note 'Society of Arts, 1848' re bindings of J S Evans and son.
d) Clipping from German newspaper mentioning Heinrich Morf, Buchandler in Roll.
e) 'Trades in Vienna'.
f) 'Bookbinders Anniversary'.
 84. 5 newspaper clippings.
a) 'The Bookselling Trade'.
b) Obituary of Mr William Hone.
c) Letter to the editor of the Trinidad Spectator, April 28, 1848.
d) Advert placed by H. Spooner, 29 April '48
 85. 5 newspaper clippings.
a) 'The binding of a book should always suit its complexion...'
b) Account from the 'Builder' March 11 of an exhibition of book-finishers designs at the Plough Tavern, Museum Street.
c) 'Settlement in Icarie'.
d) Account of the Society of Bookbinders, 'Literary Gazette' March 18th.
e) ' Bookbinders Exhibition' review by James Thomson.
 86. 6 newspaper clippings.
a-c) 'Library Statistics'.
d) 'Booksellers Shops'.
e) 'The silver Isis medal to Mr Leighton...' dated, in pencil, 1849.
f) ' J.D (Bromwich) to half-bind books....'
 87. 5 newspaper clippings.
a) 'A card for the lovers of superior bound books...'
b) Clipping from Journal of Design 'Premium For Designs' dated, in pencil, 1849.
c) Cartoon and advert for A Craven, tobacconist.
d) Morning Advertiser, August 15, 1849, relating to bookbinding at Parkhurst prison.
e) Humorous piece criticising the personal behaviour of bookbinders.
 88. 6 newspaper clippings.
a) 'Beato Angelo, and a host of great artists, decorated books...'
b) Description of binding on 'Drawing Room Scrap-Book'.
c) 'School of Arts' dated in ink ms Dec 1850.
d) Account of state prosecutions.
e) Bookbinder's shops in Cabul.
f) 'The Story of the Exhibition Catalogue'.
g) 'Exhibition by Bookbinders Finishers Association' from the Builder 27 July 1850.
 89. 4 newspaper clippings.
a-b) 'The National Libraries'.
c) 'Bookbinders Day Society' 72nd anniversary.
d) 'London Consolidated Lodge of Journeymen Bookbinders' 36th anniversary dinner.
 90. 4 newspaper clippings.
a) 'The Bookbinders' Pension and Asylum Societies' 13th annual meeting.
b)-c) Charles Sully's letter to the editor of The Tribune.
d) Bookbinders' Pension Society.
 91. 6 newspaper clippings.
a-c) 'The Charitable and Benevolent Institutions of the Metropolis', Bookbinders' Pension Society and Bookbinders' Provident Asylum dated in pencil, Oct 4 1851.
d) Account of Great Exhibition? 'Mechi Leaden-hall Street, Dressing-Case Manufacturer'.
e) 'Wonderful if True'.
f) 'The Great Exhibition'.
 92. 5 newspaper clippings, recto and verso.
a) 'Cheap Bibles and Bible-binders', a poem.
b-c) Trial of Josiah Westley.
d) 'The 'Working Men's' Memorial to... Robert Peel'.
e) Large trade ticket from John Leighton and Sons.
 93. 2 newspaper clippings, recto and verso.
a) 'London Consolidated Lodge of Journeymen Bookbinders' resolutions of March 1851, signed by T J Dunning.
b) Revolving bookshelves.
 94. 1 newspaper clipping.
a) 'Black's Patent Folding Machine'.
 95. 5 newspaper clippings.
a-c) 'Roger Payne, the Bookbinder'.
d) 'Fire in Fulton Street' (New York) Jan 24, 1852.
 96-102 are blank sheets.
 103. Printed pamphlet, 3 sheets.
' Argument for the Divarication of the New Testament', London, 1835.
 104-105 blank sheets.
 106. Verso, 2 newspaper clippings.
a) Dr Wiseman's sentiments on the church.
b) Engraving? 'In his cups'.
 107. Pull-out with 5 newspaper clippings, the obituary of William Jaffray.
 108-109. 2 blank sheets.
 Loose at the end of the book;
 110. Pamphlet, 4 pages. VERY POOR CONDITION.
Society of Journeymen Bookbinders of London.. Report of the payments to the Trade Committee... for the support of the Struggle... 1839, London, 1847.
 111. 1 folded sheet, ink manuscript letter to 'Brother Jaff' dated Paris, 3 Sept 1845. Pencil addition at the end of the letter, signed CD.
 112. Printed poster. POOR CONDITION.
'Conspiracy! Two Monster Indictments!....' dated April 17, 1851. (Scanned, see below).


JAFF 167Scrapbook. Material includes:
Report of the case Pratt v Fraser 1911
Friendly Society of Journeyman Bookbinders of London & Westminster Rules 1828, 1836
London Consolidated Lodge of Journeyman Bookbinders Rules 1850 and plans for the amalgamation with the national consolidated union.
 Half bound in brown calf with green cloth boards. Spine title 'VARIOUS' tooled in gold on black lettering piece. Upper board nearly detached.
 1. Printed pamphlet, Pratt, … versus… Fraser, London, 1811.
 2. Printed pamphlet, Articles of the Friendly Society of Journeymen Bookbinders..agreed upon… April 21, 1828, London, 1828.
 3. Printed pamphlet, Rules and regulations of the Friendly Society of Journeymen Bookbinders…, London, 1836.
 4. Single printed sheet of elementary resolutions, W C Boteler, Secretary.
 5. Printed pamphlet, 2 pages, Outlines of a plan for the consolidation of the Bookbinders' Trade Society [nd].
 6. Printed sheet, To the officers and members of the parent Society of Bookbinders, London, from Chief Secretary, Manchester, December 2, 1836.
 7. Printed sheet, To country bookbinders from Holloway, 113, Gray's Inn Lane.
 8. Printed pamphlet, Suggested plan for an union of the whole trade of bookbinders in Great Britain and Ireland and for the consolidation of the London society, proposed in September and October, 1839 by the Committee appointed by the Journeymen Bookbinders' Trade Society of London and Westminster.
 9. Printed pamphlet, pp2-8, A plan for an union of the whole trade of bookbinders agreed to by the members of the London Society.
 10. i. Printed pamphlet, pp2-18, Rules and regulations of the Consolidated Union of the whole trade of Journeymen Bookbinders in Great Britain and Ireland, together with the articles of the London Consolidated Branch, London, 1840.
ii. Including Map of routes and stations of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Union, 1840
iii. and the First report of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Union, dated Dec 15 1840.
 11. Fold out sheet, Income and expenditure, from July 20 to October 20 1840.
 12. Printed fold out sheet, To the lodges of the consolidated Union of Great Britain and Ireland, Dec 3, 1840.
 13. i.Printed fold out sheet, Second report of the Bookbinders consolidated Union, January 29, 1841.
ii. Balance sheet of the old union.
iii. Income and expenditure up to 20 Jan 1841.
 14. Fold out map of routes and stations of the Bookbinders' Consolidated Union, 1840.
 15. Printed pamphlet, 12 pp, Rules and regulations of the new society and notification of meeting on June 13 1850 to consider new articles.
 16. Printed pamphlet, 2pp., Rules and Regulations of the London Consolidated Society of Journeymen Bookbinders, London, 1850.
 17.i. Printed pamphlet, 4 sheets, Society of Journeymen Bookbinders of London and its vicinity, Report on the payments to the trade committee of the arrears of the levies for the support of the struggle in the year 1839, London, 1847.
ii. Fold out table of particulars.
 18. Printed pamphlet, 32pp., London Consolidated Lodge of Journeymen Bookbinders, Reply of the secretary to the report and table of a committee appointed May 18, 1847, London, 1848.
 19. Printed pamphlet, 8pp., Reply to a paper entitled Trade Reform printed in the Finishers' Circular of Nov 1848 signed T J Dunning.