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Jaffray Collection (Page 3)

John Jaffray was a bookbinder in Victorian London. He was interested in the history of his trade, particularly in union and welfare issues. Jaffray kept scrapbooks, probably compiled in and around the 1850s, which he filled with newspaper clippings, agendas of union meetings and ephemera including trade cards and advertisements.

Society of day-working bookbinders of London & Westminster

(Society broke away from London Consolidated Lodge of Journeymen bookbinders)

JAFF 95Audits 1851-1863, 1865-1868 (some duplicates)
JAFF 96Audits 1851-1867
JAFF 97Audits 1851-1870 bound with Articles 1834 Rules 1850/51, 1857-1868 and related documents
JAFF 98Audits 1852-1870 bound with Rules 1851, 1857, 1867 and related documents
JAFF 99Audits 1869-1880 (including many duplicates)
JAFF 100Audits 1881-1895 (including many duplicates)
JAFF 101Audits 1900-1910 (including many duplicates)
JAFF 102Special audit account ... setting forth the payments and arrears of the three levies from August 15 1891 to November 7 1892
JAFF 103Origin of the Day-Working Bookbinders' Society [1867]
JAFF 104Rules 1850 J63 bound with Revision of the rules 1857, and Audits 1850-1861
JAFF 105Rules 1851, 1857, 1868, revision 1871 J64 bound with Audits 1851 to 1880
JAFF 106Rules 1857, 1868, 1882 J75 Notices 1879-1882
JAFF 107Rules 1868 bound with Audits 1868-1887
JAFF 108Rules 1889 J65 bound with Audits 1887-1897
JAFF 109Rules 1898

Bookbinders' consolidated union

JAFF 110Trade circulars 1848-1862 and related documents
JAFF 111Trade circulars 1852-1862
JAFF 112Trade circulars 1862-1871 bound with Laws for the government of the BCU Manchester, 1904
JAFF 113Trade circulars 1862-1871
JAFF 114Trade circulars 1862-1871 bound with Bookbinders' & Machine Rulers Trade Circulars 1871-1873 and Bookbinders' trade circulars 1869-1873
JAFF 115Trade circulars 1863-1867 and related documents

National union of bookbinders & machine rulers

JAFF 116Bookbinding Trades Journal 1904-1914
JAFF 117Bookbinding Trades Journal 1911
JAFF 118Extract from Bookbinding Trades Journal on binding & lacing, [nd]
JAFF 119London Branch Agendas & reports for quarterly meetings 1914-1920
JAFF 120?London branch Minutes 1882-1887 ms book
JAFF 121?London branch Minutes 1887-1890 ms book
JAFF 122?London branch Minutes 1904-1909 ms book
JAFF 123?London branch Minutes 1909-1912 ms book
JAFF 124Trade circulars 1872-1877 Manchester, 1878
JAFF 125Trade circulars 1872-1881 Manchester, 1878
JAFF 126Trade circulars 1872-1887 Manchester, 1878
JAFF 127Trade circulars 1882-1889 and related documents
JAFF 128Trade circulars 1884-1890, 1896-1908 and other documents
JAFF 129Trade circulars 1890-1896, Glasgow, 1891
JAFF 130Trade circulars 1896-1900, Manchester, 1901
JAFF 131Trade circulars 1901-1904, Manchester, 1905
JAFF 132Trade circulars 1905-1908, Sheffield, 1909
JAFF 133Special circular Conference between representatives of the Federation of the Master Printers and the BMRCU 25Feb 1908 continued
JAFF 134Trade circulars 1911-1916
 vol 1 Manchester, 1915
 vol 2 Norwich, 1919
JAFF 135Trade circulars 1914-1916, Norwich, 1919
JAFF 136Trade circulars, Manchester, 1917-1921
 Special trade circular 1922
JAFF 137West End (London) branch First annual statement London, 1912

London consolidated society/lodge of journeyman bookbinders

JAFF 138Audit accounts 1831/2, 1836/7-1854/5 J58 bound with Rules London, 1850
JAFF 139Audit accounts 1851-1868
JAFF 140Audit accounts 1867/8-1886 J60 bound with Rules 1886
JAFF 141Audit accounts 1887-1897
JAFF 142Audit accounts 1898-1908 bound with Report of the wages committee 1902-1906
JAFF 143Audit accounts 1910-1911 bound with Bookbinders' and Machine Rulers' Consolidated Union Trade circular 1910-1913
JAFF 144Report of the piece work committee London, 1904
 Report of the wages committee London, 1902-1906 newspaper cuttings on strikes
JAFF 145Rules amended to 1860 J59
 Audit accounts 1858/9-1866/7

Scrapbooks mainly relating to pension society & asylum society

JAFF 146Pension Society 1835-1852
 Asylum Society 1839-1851
JAFF 147Pension Society records 1852-1864 J55
 A few records of the Pension Supplement 1859-1962
 A few records of the Asylum Society 1961-1863
 Report of Pratt versus Annereau 1813
JAFF 148Bookbinders' Pension Society documents 1862
JAFF 149Bookbinders' Asylum Society documents 1862
JAFF 150Compiled by William Walker of the Dayworkers Society on the Pension Society and Asylum Society plus documents on 1839 struggle and Finishers' Friendly Association and the Dayworkers Society