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Jaffray Collection (Page 2)

John Jaffray was a bookbinder in Victorian London. He was interested in the history of his trade, particularly in union and welfare issues. Jaffray kept scrapbooks, probably compiled in and around the 1850s, which he filled with newspaper clippings, agendas of union meetings and ephemera including trade cards and advertisements.

Material not related to bookbinding

JAFF 1.John B Andrews, Anthrax as an occupational disease, Washington, 1920
JAFF 2.Henry George, Progress and poverty, London, 1930
JAFF 3.Benjamin Stott, Songs for the millions, 1843
JAFF 4.H J Timperley, What war means, London, 1938

 Material on bookbinding and related matters

JAFF 5The bookbinders' price-book to commence ... 1813 Bookbinders' Trade Circular
JAFF 6-21Vol I, Oct 1850-Sept 1854; 16 copies
JAFF 22-23Vol II, Jan 1855-July 1859; 2 copies
JAFF 24Vols I-II, Oct 1850-July 1859; bound together
JAFF 25-28Vol III, Sept 1859-July 1864; 4 copies
JAFF 29-34Vol IV, Sept 1864-Jan 1869; 5 copies
JAFF 35Vols I-IV, Oct 1850-Jan 1869
 Vol 1, 17 copies
 Vol 2, 2 copies
 Vol 3, 4 copies
 Vol 4, 6 copies
 Vols 1-2 bound together
JAFF 36Dec 27 1858
 Feb 9 1867 3 issues loose in one envelope
 Aug 21 1875
JAFF 37J Johnson Typographia vol 2, London, 1824 J50
JAFF 38Henry Lemoine History, origin and progress of the art of printing London, 1797
JAFF 39Seb Lenormand Nouveau manuel complet du relieur Paris, 1840
JAFF 40Robert Maguire Education; or how to learn from books that bookbinders cannot bind London, 1858
JAFF 41S T Prideaux An historical sketch of bookbinding London, 1893
JAFF 42Truslove & Hanson Limited The well-bound book London [?]
JAFF 43C Tuckett Specimens of ancient and modern binding part 2, London, 1846
JAFF 44Joseph W Zaehnsdorf The art of bookbinding London, 1880

 Books on other subjects, including labour, wages, conditions of work

JAFF 45Charles Booth Industrial unrest and trade London, 1913
JAFF 46G D H Cole The payment of wages London, 1918
JAFF 47G D H Cole; & M I Cole The regulation of wages during and after the war London, 1918
JAFF 48George Haw Today's work London, 1901
JAFF 49John Stuart Mill Principles of political economy Vol II, London, 1857
JAFF 50A C Pigou et al The reorganization of industry London, 1916
JAFF 51Royal Courts of Justice (King's Bench Division) Proceedings of Ward, Lock & Co v the Operative Printers' Assistants' Society Thursday 6 July 1905
JAFF 52Socialist and labour tracts bound together, approx 1893-1920, many not dated
JAFF 53U S Department of Labour Bureau of Statistics Union scale of wages and hours of labour Washington, 1919

 Trade union material not related to bookbinding

JAFF 54G D H Cole & R Page Arnot Trade unionism on the railways Westminster, 1917 General Federation of Trade Unions Proceedings and Reports
JAFF 551908-1909
JAFF 561909-1910
JAFF 571910-1911
JAFF 581911-1912
JAFF 591912-1913
JAFF 601913-1914
JAFF 611915-1916
JAFF 62Trade Union Congress Parliamentary Committee 50th annual congress Congress facts and figures London, 1918

 Various bookbinding societies

JAFF 63Bookbinding Trade Societies Reports and circulars issued by the joint committee on amalgamation 1902-1910
JAFF 64Joint Trade Committee on bookbinding v. pocket-book making Reports 1886-8
JAFF 65London Chamber of Commerce bookbinding trade section Bookbinders' arbitration, minutes and proceedings London, 1903
JAFF 66London Chamber of Commerce bookbinding trade section Bookbinders' arbitration, minutes and proceedings London, 1903
JAFF 67[Programme for Gala Day 1923? Sports day for binding unions?]
JAFF 68United Society of Vellum Binders Rules 1823-1852 J56
JAFF 69Vellum Binders' Trade Society Reports 1909-1911
JAFF 70Vellum Binders' Trade Society Statements 1854-1895
JAFF 71Vellum Binders' Trade Society Statements 1896-1908

 Amicable society of bookbinders

JAFF 72Amicable Society of Bookbinders Rules 1792-51

 Bookbinders' friendly benefit society

JAFF 73Bookbinders Friendly Benefit Society Rules 1816, 1824, 1816-31, 1832 bound together with Reports 1816-31 J71
JAFF 74Rules 1809 J52 bound with Articles 1805, Fairburn's abstract of the local militia act
JAFF 75Report of the audit committee 1823-1853 bound with Report of a cause .... Pratt v. Annereau London, 1813
JAFF 76Rules 1824 J73

 Bookbinders' pension society

JAFF 77Resolutions London, 1830 J25 Annual Reports 1831-1841 bound with Bookbinders' Provident Asylum Society Annual Reports and Circulars 1839-1841
JAFF 78Annual Reports 1851-1865 & miscellaneous cuttings
JAFF 79Annual Reports 1851-65 bound with Bookbinders' Provident Asylum Society Reports 1863-1865

 Bookbinders' provident asylum society

JAFF 80First Report of the Committee for Building the Bookbinders' Provident Asylum London, 1838
Reports 1839-1862
JAFF 81Reports 1839-1850 J68 with other papers
JAFF 82Reports 1848-1862
JAFF 83Quarterly Circular 1840-1855
JAFF 84Quarterly Circular 1840-1855 & notices of meetings

 Bookbinders' pension & asylum society

JAFF 85Reports 1866-1875
JAFF 86Reports 1886-1892

 Friendly society of bookbinders


JAFF 87Abstracts of audit accounts 1821, 1822 bound with Report of audit committees 1822-1850 bound with Friendly Society of Journeymen Bookbinders Report into charges preferred by James Carss London, 1826
JAFF 88Report of the audit committee 1825 J53
JAFF 89Report of the audit committee 1825-1826 J28 bound with Friendly Society of Journeyman Bookbinders Audits 1827-1861 and other documents
JAFF 90Accounts 1836-1867 (from 20th account becomes London Consolidated Lodge of Journeymen Bookbinders)

 Friendly society of journeyman bookbinders of London & Westminster

JAFF 91Articles, Audits, Notices 1828-1832
JAFF 92Articles London, 1828 bound with London Consolidated Society of Journeymen Bookbinders Rules 1870 and London Consolidated Lodge of Journeymen Bookbinders Accounts 1854-1882, including catalogues of the journeyman's library (May 1865 and October 1877)
JAFF 93Audit accounts 1830-1851 J24
JAFF 94Audit accounts 1833-1841 J57 bound with other documents concerning: scheme for reorganization of 5 lodges into 3 (carried out in 1833), scheme for consolidation into 1 body (carried out in 1840), scheme for amalgamation of the London Society with the National Consolidated Union (not in the end achieved)