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Olga Hirsch Collection of Decorated Papers (Page 5)

The Olga Hirsch collection of decorated papers, bequeathed in 1968, comprises over 3,500 sheets of paper and around 130 books in paper wrappers or with decorated end-leaves

BOX 20 (J1770-J1939) Marbling: Industrial & 19th Century

  • J1770-1791a
  • J1792-1794 Spanish marbling 19c
  • J1795-1801 Industrial 19c including non-pareil and bouquet patterns
  • J1802-1810 'Jugend Marmor' papers made in 1899 by Paul Kersten who worked for A G Aschaffenburg
  • J1811-1836 19c
  • J1837-1888 Industrial 19c
  • J1889-1898 19c
  • J1899-1935 Spanish marbling
  • J1936-1939 By Paul Kersten, Aschaffenburg, 1899

FOLDER 21 (J1940-J1980a) Marmor Mit Chemikalien Zusatza Marbling: Chemicals added to Colour

  • Contains the journal: Allgemeiner anzeiger für buchbindereien, 2. Februar 1961
  • J1940-J1945 18th & 19th centuries:
    • J1941 made with oils
    • J1941a
    • J1942
    • J1944 ticket: Comte de Caumont, 39 Gerrard Street, Soho
    • J1945 the spot colour is mixed with creolin
  • J1946-J1947 19th & 20th centuries
  • J1948-J1970:
    • J1948 “Switzerland 1820. The colours have been sprayed on the trough in the following succession: red, blue, black and again black to which turpentine had been added. This information comes from the expert book- binder Emil Kretz ....STAPFELBERG BÂSLE
    • J1953 there are two numbered J1953 (different designs)
    • J1954 there are two numbered J1954 (different designs)
    • J1955 dated 1804
    • J1962 blue colour probably mixed with spirits of turpentine
  • J1971-J1980a Punkpapier (Industie) Design with spots

BOX 22 (J1981-J2044) Marbling: 20th Century Artists’ Papers

  • J1981-J1984a by Edward Ludwig, Frankfurt am Main
  • J1985 by Max Schwerdfeger, Frankfurt am Main
  • J1986-J1990 by Dorothea Freise
  • J1990a&b by Irmgard Smidt, Düsseldorf, 1965
  • J1991-J1994k marbling with oil colours
  • J1995-J2001 the Doves Bindery
  • J2000 by McLeish for the Doves Bindery
  • J2001 by Gwynn for the Doves Bindery
  • J2002-J2012 Trough marbles by Mr E Seymour, London with ms notes describing the techniques used
  • J2013-J2021 by Tirzah Ravilious, England, 1938
  • J2022-J2023 marbled papers with silky sheen
  • J2024-J2032 marbled with oil by Paul Kersten
  • J2033 unidentified
  • J2033a by Prof Rude-Elberfeld, 1955
  • J2033b by Martin Jaegle, 1966
  • J2034-J2044 various marbled paper

BOX 23 (J2045-J2160) Modern Marbling: Douglas & Sydney Cockerell

  • 1 brown A4 envelope containing 1 piece of gold-tooled leather and a Christmas card
  • J2045 Marbled paper with lettering 'Seasons Greetings from Olga H' Christmas 1964
  • J2046 Christmas 1964
  • J2047a-2049 Sydney Cockerell, bought 1955
  • J2050-2057 Comb marble
  • J2058-2105 Douglas Cockerell samples acquired 1939-
  • J2106-2143d Includes double marbling
  • J2144-2147 Papers for special bindings
  • J2148-2154 Douglas Cockerell & Son
  • J2155-2160 Sydney Cockerell various ‘doodles’ and Christmas cards

BOX 24 (J2161-J2245) Monochrome Paste Papers: Matt & Glossy

  • J2161-2163a Gold & silver
  • J2164-2167 Matt
  • J2168-2181 Matt & semi-matt, c1790-1820
  • J2182-2184 Glossy
  • J2185-2186 Dyed in the pulp, c1770-80
  • J2187-2191 Gold, c1730-80Matt & semi-matt, c1770-1830
  • J2192-2218 Matt & semi-matt, c1770-1830
  • J2219-2245 Glossy, c1810-1910

BOX 25 (J2246-J2381) Old Paste & Sprayed Papers: Various Techniques: Monochrome

  • J2246-2254 Paste papers straight grained with brush c1800-1810
  • J2255-2275 Paste papers veined or stippled all over, single colours c1750-1820
  • J2276-2289a Paste papers patterns drawn in wet paste, single colours 1765-1780
  • J2290 Paste papers woodblock printed on wet paste
  • J2291-2302 Paste papers veined red
  • J2303-2324 Paste papers single colour
  • J2325-2345 Paste papers patterns drawn in wet paste, red c1765-80
  • J2346-2370 Paste papers patterns drawn in wet paste, blue, mauve, green, c1765-80
  • J2371-2381 Paste papers decorated with woodblock prints or rollers, single colours, c1765-80

BOX 26 (J2383-J2447A) Old Paste & Sprayed Papers: Various Techniques: Multicoloured

  • J2383-2384 Paste papers, drawn patterns
  • J2385-2387 Paste papers, blockprints c1710-80
  • J2388-2393 Paste papers, dotted & veined, c1695-1750
  • J2394-2400 Paste papers, monochrome & multicoloured, c1770-1850
  • J2401-2407 Plover marble, c1770-1850
  • J2408-2416 Drawn patterns
  • J2417-2420 Paste papers with blockprints
  • J2421-2433 Paste papers various
  • J2434-2440 Plover marble, c1750-1850
  • J2441-2447 Sprayed papers, papier coulé, 1750-1910
  • J2447a Coloured with a brush