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Olga Hirsch Collection of Decorated Papers (Page 7)

The Olga Hirsch collection of decorated papers, bequeathed in 1968, comprises over 3,500 sheets of paper and around 130 books in paper wrappers or with decorated end-leaves

BOX 33 (J2961-J2967) Penguin Books with Decorated Paper Covers (1950-60)

(Numbering out of sequence)

  • J2869a Penguin scores 12
  • J2961 Penguin scores 10
  • J2962 Penguin scores 13
  • J2963 Penguin scores 15
  • J2964 Penguin scores 11
  • J2965 Penguin poets; Robert Frost
  • J2966 Penguin poets; Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • J2967 Penguin poets; The Metaphysical Poets, cover pattern designed by Elisabeth Friedlander

FOLDER 34 (J2968-J2980) Gebr. Klingspor, Offenbach a/M

  • J2968-J2976 Buchdruch. Gebrüder Klingspor. Offenbach a/ Main
  • J2977-J2980 Gebrüder Klingspor. Offenbach a/ Main. Various techniques. Appear to be block prints

FOLDER 35 (J2981-J2994) Buchdruck, U.A. Book and Similar Prints

  • Small handwritten note in German by Dag-Ernst Petersen, 1966
  • Loose sheet unnumbered: black tool design on silver background
  • J2981-J2992 Titled; Schrift und Druckwerstatt Haus Fürsteneck Frankfurt am Main. 3 sheets
  • J2992a/1-11 Jan Duken München. Offset Drucke & Linoleumschnitte, 1959. With typed letter from Duken
  • J2992a/1-9 Offset Druck serie "Ponte"
  • J2992a/10-32 Offset Druck serie "Serva"
  • J2992a/33 Serie "Ponte"
  • J2992a/34-111 Linoleumschnitte serie "Jaduk"
  • J2993-J2994 Buchdruck
  • J2993
  • J2993a Wiener Werkstätten, 1910
  • J2994

FOLDER 36 (J2995-J3001) Schablonen Technik Stencilled Paper

  • J2995-J2999 Erich Büttner, Berlin. Schablonen
  • J3000 Schablonen. Wischpapier
  • J3000a-J3000l Annemarie Irmler [?] about 1920. She is mentioned re stencilled papers in "Buntpapier" by Albert Hämmerle, Olga Hirsch on page 171. These are "gewischte" Schablonenpapiere, the colour has been wiped over the stencil
  • J3000l(2) Handdruikpapier. Martin Jaegle. Ascona Schweiz

BOX 37 (J3001-J3109) Roller Prints: Monochrone, Gaufrage

  • J3001-J3005 Roller prints in gold and silver
  • J3006-J3076 Single colours
  • J3077-J3101 Roller prints
  • J3102-J3103 Roller prints early specimens
  • J3104-J3109 Roller prints later specimens

BOX 38 (J3110-J3124) Roller Prints with Blockprint & Lithography

  • J3110-J3124 Roller prints with multicoloured blockprints
  • J3125-J3129 Roller prints with cloudy patterns
  • J3130-J3144 Roller prints on shaded ground
  • J3145-J3147 Roller prints with blockprints on lithography on moiré ground
  • J3148-J3152 Roller prints with lithography some on moiré ground
  • J3153-J3162 Lithography embossed with roller
  • J3163-J3174 Roller prints with blockprints or lithography
  • J3175-J3211 Roller prints with lithography
  • J3212-J3213 Roller prints, various
  • J3213a Printed from a lead plate, German c1890
  • J3213b

BOX 39 (J3214-J3296) Book Wrappers, Book Jackets: Various Techniques (18th to 20th centuries)

  • J3214-J3226 Book jackets, lithography, some with text, 1840-1855
  • J3241-J3243 Mainly book jackets from the Leipzig Music House 'Edition Peters’, lithography
  • J3227-J3230 Stamped paper, woodblock wrappers, blue silk wrapper 18th-20th centuries
  • J3228a 18th c woodblock print
  • J3231 Wrapper, lithography using copper plate, beginning of 19th century
  • J3232-J3240 Book jackets mainly from school books, lithography, 1870-1890
  • J3244-J3248 End-papers, lithography & lino cuts by Charles von Wahl, (teacher at Debschitz-Schule) 1903-1905, most signed
  • J3249-J3256 Wrappers, lithography by Professor Vincenz Cissay of the art school, Frankfurt am Main
  • J3257-J3260 Lithography
  • J3259-60 Signed by Rolf V. Hoerschelmann, 1927
  • J3261-J3265 Wrapper, blockprinted, c1800
  • J3266 Wrapper, engraved
  • J3267-J3270 Paper, stamped in gold, silver and black, 17th-19th centuries
  • J3271-J3282 Wrappers, lithography, 19th century
  • J3283-J3288 Wrappers , woodblock prints on shaded background,19th century
  • J3289 Lithography, end 19th century
  • J3290-J2094 Wrappers, lithography by Professor W Cissarz of the art school, Frankfurt am Main, early 20th century
  • J3294a Blue cloth board blocked in gold and red
  • J3294b Gold-tooled brown calf cover `

BOX 40 (J3295-J3405) Bookwrappers: Rococco (approx 1850)

  • J3295-J3338 Bookwrappers mainly embossed gilt
  • J3339-J3346 Gold on white
  • J3347-J3352 Gold and blue
  • J3353-J3355 Gold and green
  • J3356-J3363 Gold and mauve or pink
  • J3364-J3404 Gold and multicoloured
  • J3405 Gold border (animal silhouettes)

BOX 41 (J3406 -J3477) Blockprints: Japan & China

  • J3406-J3409c Japanese blockprints, floral & foliage, 18c-20c
  • J3407 Edo period, approved design with official stamp
  • J3410-J3416 Japan, monchrome, 1870/1880
  • J3417-J3426 Blockprints, patterned
  • J3427-J3457a Blockprints (all Japanese according to Hans Schmoller)
  • J3431 ?Not there
  • J3458 Blockprint on tissue
  • J3459-J3477 Blockprints from China on very thin paper

BOX 42 (J3478 -J3488) Blockprints: Japan & China: Crepe, Oil and Creased Papers

  • J3478-J3488 Blockprints on creased paper
  • J3489-J3493 Monochrome creased whilst still wet
  • J3494-J3498 Blockprints on crêpe paper
  • J3499-J3500 Wrinkled paper with blockprints
  • J3501-J3510 Chinese blockprints crêpe, & oiled. Bought in 1930 from Berlin art dealers Wagner
  • J3511-J3516 Chinese blockprints, gold or silver ground
  • J3517 Chinese embossed paper made with silver leaf, 18c
  • J3518-J3519 Modern industrial blockprints