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Olga Hirsch Collection of Decorated Papers (Page 8)

The Olga Hirsch collection of decorated papers, bequeathed in 1968, comprises over 3,500 sheets of paper and around 130 books in paper wrappers or with decorated end-leaves

BOX 43 (J3527-J3566) Japan, China, Persia (or Turkish): Various Techniques

  • J3520-J3526 Battal Ebru [probably Turkish]
  • J3526a
    • (i) Battal Ebru
    • (ii) Tarzi Kadim Battal Ebru
    • (iii) Tarama Gitkel Ebru
    • (iv) Hafif Ebru
    • (v) Necmeddin Ebru (Turkish)
    • (vi) Yazili Ebru
    • (vii) Kumlu Ebru
  • J3527-J3537 Hatip-Ebru, flower marble [Mrs Hirsch says they are Persian, Phoebe Easton believes them to be Turkish]
  • J3434 Butterflies & crickets, autumn theme
  • J3538-J3551 Monochrome papers
  • J3439 Multicoloured blooks, summer theme
  • J3552/ J3522a-J3558 Monochrome, partly sprinkled with gold or silver
  • J3453 Green sprigs on blue, autumn theme
  • J3559-J3562 Katagami, cut with knife blades (J3561 feather design used as stencil)
  • J3563 China
  • J3564 China & Japan [resembles embossed leather]
  • J3565 With white paper fibres
  • J3566 Papyrus? Palm leaf?
  • J3566-3566a&b Various techniques (J3566b Bingata style, Okinawa)


FOLDER 44 (J3457-J3574) Batik Papier, also various

  • 1st brown envelope, contents not numbered:
    • Letter from Dr D Mahlow to Olga Hirsch on reverse of modern print
    • 1 sample of marbling.
  • 2nd brown envelope (larger):
    • Christmas card from David and Barbara Kindersley, modern design
    • 2 samples of Expressionistische Buntpapier
    • 1 L. Winauer (1967) - Chateau de la Touche Usseau Dep Vienne 86 France
  • J3457a(1) Rolf Steffen
  • J3457e(1)-(2) Rolf Steffen
  • J3567 Liht Batik. Original papier ... Blombery, Berlin
  • J3568-3571 Batik
  • J3571a-c Plumelle Paris 1961. Various techniques
  • J3572-J3574f
  • J3574g
  • J3573 Negative Block print on silver foil. Oil colour on silver paper
  • J3573a Nazi emblems. During Hitler period this silver foil paper was used to bind "Reichs-Gesetzblatt" 1933/34
  • J3574 Imitation of leather wallpaper embossed and varnished
  • J3574a-e Rolf Steffen 1964
  • J3574f Hugo Peller 1964
  • J3574g 1 brown envelope containing sheet with Armin Renker portrait in watermark


FOLDER 45 (J3575-J3598) Neudrucks Alter Model Reprints from Old Blocks

  • J3575 modern reprint, gold on diamond shapes of colour
  • J3576-J3581 floral patterns, green and purple
  • J3582-J3588 reprints from woodblocks belonging to the family Lorenz in Dinkelsbühl (Bavaria) printed by Hermann Lorenz in Freiburg about 1830
  • J3589-J3589s Ashaffenbürger Buntpapierfabrik A G reprints from their own old blocks 1960. Of note:
    • J3589q-r reprints on velour paper
    • J3589s "The original paper in the collection of end papers: Düsseldorf = Goethe Museum, Anton und Katharina Kippenberg Stiftung
  • J3590-J3597 "Reprints, made in 19[?] from old box[?] wood blocks. Imprenta De Guasp founded 1579, Mallorca Spain; black on a plain background.
  • J3598 Note on reverse in German:...Heinz Peterson? red on plain background

FOLDER 46 (J3599-J3600) Neudrucke Alter Model U. Reproduktionen. Reprint from Old Blocks

  • J3599-J3599q J3599, J3599a-i, J3599k-q
    • Reprinted from a Nürnberg woodblock from J. Maisch about 1850. Printed black or gold on different colour backgrounds. The woodblock is property of Martin Breslauer, the antiquarian Bookdealers, London. See Martin Breslauer catalogue 89 no.333, edited 1957
    • In brown envelope-3 typed sheets, letter from Martin Breslauer and reply, 1935
  • J3600-J3600p Reproductions mainly Aschaffenburg am Main
    • J3600 Design from woodblock. Pineapple pattern. Marked in ms; Italy
    • J3600a 1960 reprint by Buntpapierfabrik A.G. Aschaffenburg am Main; signature "AUGSP BEY S HAICHELE" and "C P S C M"
    • J3600b-e 1960 reprint by Buntpapierfabrik A.G. Aschaffenburg am Main signature "CUM PRIVILEGIO SAC : CÆS : MAI :" ... "IOS: FRID : LEOPOLD : EXC : AUG : VIND:"
    • J3600f 1960 reprint by Buntpapierfabrik A.G.Aschaffenburg am Main. 2 copies. "This paper will be used for the cover of the book on Buntpapier"
    • J3600g-p Reproductions of old papers for the book "Buntpapier" ....written by Albert Hämmerle published by Callwey München on the occasion of Buntpapierfabrik A.G. Aschaffenburg am Main. Guido Dessauer
    • J3600g 3 copies continued
    • J3600h-i, J3600k-p
  • J3600,01 single sheet stamped from Guido Dessauer Christmas 1966


FOLDER 47 (J3601-J3613) Three Monotype Papers & Samples: Eva Aschoff

FOLDER 48 Abreibungen Alter Model Rubbings of Old Woodblocks

  • J3614 White envelope contains:
    • Rubbings from woodblocks from Vlees Huis Museum, Antwerp, Belgium. July 1956. And a note on a pattern book in the same Museum on 2 sheets squared paper
    • 12 sheets of rubbings of woodblocks with the following annotations:
      • -block 7½ x 32½, carved and pins driven in ...wood
      • -block 23½ x 7 cm, carved, nailed, pins driven in the block
      • -block 35½ x 6cm 2mm, nails and pins driven in...
      • -block 23 x 23; 19 x 20, pattern glued on the block surrounded by pins
      • -block 23½ x 23½, oils, small nails...
      • -block irregular varying 13½ or 14 x 19 or 20½ cm, small pins driven in centre of fl...; 21½ x 21½, only the small stars engraved in the wood, the large stars .... by pins only
      • -45½ x 49 cm, wood engraving, a few pins and nails added, the whole block shows ... of the patterns
      • -48 x 36½ cm
      • -17½ x 21, pattern produced by little pins only; block irregular 19 or 21 x 22 or 24 cm; 21½ x 19 cm, only a nail driven in block, the other patterns carved; 15 x 21 cm, .... only with pins and nails
      • -woodblock irregular, partly eaten away by woodworm. Size approx. 41 x 26 cm ...
      • -48 x 37 cm
      • -21½ x 22, wood engraved, nails and pins added to mark the patterns; 21½ x 25 cm wood engraving only
    • Also pamphlet from same museum Glas en Ceramiek 20 Nov 1954
  • J3614a Brown envelope contains:
    • Museum ... Hamburg, June 3rd 1958. Rubbings of 6 blocks on five [as written on envelope but actually 6] sheets. Larger rubbings than previous ones, with protective tissue paper.

FOLDER 49 (J3615-3624) Blockprints: Emil Kretz, Basel (died 1961)

  • J3615 monochrome: black on plain background
  • J3616 shell design; monochrome: dark blue on plain background
  • J3617 monochrome: dark green on plain background
  • J3618 yellow and brown
  • J3619 monochrome: green on plain background
  • J3620 leaf and berry design; monochrome: green on plain background
  • J3621 brown and red on a textured background
  • J3622 similar to J3619; monochrome: brown on a plain background
  • J3623 brown on a textured background
  • J3624 brown and green. Rollenbatik. Emil Kretz Basel about 1954. Wasserbatik technik