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Olga Hirsch Collection of Decorated Papers

The Olga Hirsch collection of decorated papers, bequeathed in 1968, comprises over 3,500 sheets of paper and around 130 books in paper wrappers or with decorated end-leaves. 

There are hand-made papers from the 16th century onwards, and also later, machine-made papers. Various techniques of decorating paper are represented: there are brush-coated, sprinkled, sprayed, flock, marbled, block-printed, embossed, and metallic-varnish papers, as well as book jackets and 20th-century artists' papers.

This handlist was compiled from Olga Hirsch's own arrangement. The collection itself is fragile and may only be seen by arrangement with the Curator of Bookbindings.


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J1940 - J1980aJ1981 - J2044J2045 - J2160J2161 - J2245J2246 - J2381
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J3406 - J3477J3478 - J3488J3527 - J3566J3601 - J3613J3615 - J3624


AdditionsReference Materials


Aschafenburg A/Main
Batik papier, also various
Blockkprints. Emil Kretz, Basel - died 1961
Blockprints & cotton papers, rococco, monochrome, various colours
Blockprints 18c & early 19c
Blockprints 19c (1830-)
Blockprints, Italy 19c & 20c
Blockprints, leaves flowers & stripes, 18c & early 19c
Blockprints, monochrome, 18c & 19c
Blockprints on shaded or striped background
Blockprints, some used for cotton printing 18c & early 19c
Blockprints Japan & China
Blockprints Japan & China, crepe, oil and creased papers
Book and similar prints
4 books with paper wrappers, animals in foliage also shell designs, gold embossed on plain orange or green backgroundd
7 books with paper wrappers, embossed, multicoloured on gold ground
5 books with decorated paper wrappers, large gold floral designs on coloured paper wrappers
3 books with papers wrappers, floral designs, gold embossed on purple, mauve or green brush-coloured backgrounds
Book wrappers, book jackets (various techniques 18th to 20th centuries)
Bookwrappers; rococco; c 1850
Bronze & gold varnish paper
Embossed in gold & blind prints
Embossed in gold, pictorial & lettering
Embossed in gold, scrolls, flowers etc
Flock paper
Gebr.Klingspor offnebach a/m
Japan, China, Persia (or Turkish), various techniques
Lithography. Industrial
Lithography. Modern artists
Lithography. British Artists. Late 1940s-early 1960s
Marbling, industrial & 19c
Marbling, chemicals added to colour
Marbling, 20th Century. Artists' papers
Modern marbling, Douglas and Sydney Cockerell
Monochrome paste papers, matt and glossy
3 Monotype papers & samples Eva Aschoff
Old paster & sprayed papers, various techniques, monochrome
Old marbled papers, stone-comb marble, drawn patterns
Old marbling, french curl, 18c
Old paste & sprayed papers, various techniques, monochrome
Old woodblock prints & lithographic reprints of same
Paste & sprayed papers. Industry. 19th & 20th c
Paste & sprayed papers. 20th c artists
Penguin books with decorated paper covers 1950-60
Reprints from old blocks
Roller prints. Monochrome. Gaufrage
Roller prints with blockprint & lithography
Rubbings of old woodblocks
Stencilled paper
Woodblocks, French dominotiers, mainly 18c
Woodblock prints