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Company annual reports

This page gives an overview of the British Library collection of company annual reports and explains how to access them.  It also details current work to develop the collection.

Collection overview

We have a large collection of annual reports from both UK and overseas companies. Most of the reports we have were published from the late 1960s onwards although we do have some earlier material. At present we try to collect print copies of annual reports issued by UK FTSE 100 member companies. Annual reports from other UK companies are added to our collections if received.

To find annual reports at the British Library

Some annual reports, particularly the older (pre 1980) reports are recorded in our online catalogue Explore the British Library.

However to explore the whole collection you will need to contact our Business and IP Reference Team. If you give them the names of companies in which you are interested they will review our records and tell you what annual reports are available for consultation in our Business and IP reading room.

A detailed review and re-organization of records for this collection is in progress. We hope that records for most, if not all, of our company annual reports will be available for readers to search online by March 2014.

If you would like to know more about our collection of company annual reports please email the Business and IP Reference Team or call us on +44 (0)20 7412 7454

Collection Development

Conversations we had with management and business researchers in 2007 indicated that a consolidated and accessible collection of UK company annual reports would be a valuable resource for researchers in academia, government, business and elsewhere.

Since then the trend to e-only publication of annual reports has gathered pace and while a report for the current year may be found on a company’s website, reports from earlier years may not remain available there in the long term. We will be having further discussions with groups of management and business researchers during 2013 to gather their views on how we might shape the British Library’s future collecting strategy for company annual reports.

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