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Periodicals which are difficult to find in the catalogues: B

This is a quick checklist of periodicals which users of the British Library sometimes find difficult to trace in British Library printed catalogues or Explore the British Library. The list is arranged alphabetically by short title and gives shelfmark or other location information. It is based on enquiries about individual periodical titles frequently made to the Reference Enquiry Desk in the Humanities Reading Room and is extremely selective. Periodical titles not included in this list can be identified using the British Library's catalogues.

B.A. newsP.P.5793.ek
Bibliographical miscellanyP.P.6478
Bibliothèque des universities du midi12203.y.3
Birkbeck College Foundation orationsW.P.8944
Birkbeck College Haldane memorial lecturesAc.2669.f
Birkbeck magazine, TheP.P.6000.f
Blackwood's Edinburgh magazineP.P.6202
Blue review,TheP.P5938.g
Book review digestHUR028.1
Bookman, TheP.P.6479.e
Books abroadP.P.6491.hi
Borthwick papersW.P.B.629
Boy's own paper, TheP.P.5993.u
Bradford antiquary, TheAc.5621
Bradshaw's monthly railway guideP.P.2500
Braunschweigisches journal1607/4164
British Academy, ProceedingsAc.1186
British Africa monthly, TheP.P.377.ek
British and colonial druggist diary, TheP.P.2505.gma
British and foreign anti-slavery reporter, TheP.P.1046.aa
British and foreign evangelical review,TheP.P.879.c
British Association for the Advancement of Science, ReportAc.1181
British books in print 1874-
British books in print
Latest edition
British chess magazine, TheP.P.1831.ada
British ensign and eastern evangelist,
British journal of experimental biology, TheP.P.3224.d
British journal of photography, TheP.P.1912.h
British journal of plastic surgeryP.P.3302.c
British journal of social medicineP.P.2706.fff
British journal of sociology. 1950-
British journal of sociology
Last year
Social Science Reading Room
British quarterly review, TheP.P.5989
Brooklyn Entomological Society, BulletinAc.3684
Builders price book, TheP.P.2491.i
Bulletin de dialectologie romaneAc.9867/2
Bulletin of bibliographyP.P.6491.cas
Bulletin of far eastern bibliography11110.d.10
Bulletin of mathematical biophysicsAc.2691.d/60
Bulletins de la grande armée1435.e.4-6
Bulletins des recherches historiquesP.P.3437.bfa
Burke's Landed Gentry of Great Britain - current edition
Earlier editions, with title A genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain, placed separately.
HLR Enquiry Desk 929.72
Check Explore the British Library
Buses illustratedP.P.1804.kbi
Butterfly, TheP.P.6004.gmm
Bystander 1903 -1940ZC.9. d.560
Byzantische Denkmaler7705.f.57

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