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Periodicals which are difficult to find in the catalogues: L

This is a quick checklist of periodicals which users of the British Library sometimes find difficult to trace in British Library printed catalogues or Explore the British Library. The list is arranged alphabetically by short title and gives shelfmark or other location information. It is based on enquiries about individual periodical titles frequently made to the Reference Enquiry Desk in the Humanities Reading Room and is extremely selective. Periodical titles not included in this list can be identified using the British Library's catalogues.

Ladies' portfolioP.P.5244
Ladies' treasuryP.P.6004.o
Lads of the village, TheP.P.5993.ra
Lancashire Dialect Society, Journal of theAc.9941.b
Lancashire literary museum, The1866.e.6(3)
Lancashire omnibus, The1866.e.6(4)
Lancet 1823-
(P) GP 00 -E(14)
Language (Journal of the Linguistic Society of America)Ac.9966
Layton's National Annual AwardsLR.303.b.6
League of composers review, TheP.431/228
Leave book, TheP.P.2497.fdn
Leicestershire Archaeological & Hist Soc, TransactionsAc.5661
Liberator, TheP.P.294
Library, TheRAR010
Life and letters todayP.P.5939.bgf
Life (US ed)1889 -1935
Life (US ed) 1936-1951, 1970-1972, 1979-2000
(International ed) 1946-1970
Linguistics (Hague, 1963- .)P.981/7
Lion [Lion King of Picture Story papers] 1952-1974 CAR 17
Literary register,TheP.P.6303
Literature & historyX.0909/782
Littell's living ageP.P.6256.d
Little folksP.P.5993.l
Liverpool bulletinP.P.1925.etg
Liverpool lion, The1866.e.6(25)
Liverpool politician, The1866.e.6(21)
Lloyd's list 1740-1826P.631/72
Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign
London and Dublin orthodox journal, TheP.P.211
London and Paris observerP.P.5617.e
London diocesan magazineP.P.344
London gazette
London(Oxford) gazette 1665 to 1827
Social Sciences
via Rare Books
London Journal
London lifeCup.701.a.5
London lovelinessP.P.2505.bao
London magazine and monthly critical and dramatic reviewP.P.5461.c
London magazine, The 1732-1785P.P.5437
London magazine, The (Dublin) 1742-1752P.P.5108
London magazine, The 1820-1821P.P.5461.c
London magazine, The 1820-1829P.P.5461.b
London magazine, The 1840P.P.5141.e
London magazine, The 1903-1930P.P.6018.ta
London magazine, The 1954-P.P.5939.cbg
London magazine of light literature, TheP.P.5437.c
London manual and municipal yearbookP.P.2467.bca
London mechanics magazineP.P.1661.baa
London medical and surgical journalP.P.2730
London medical journalP.P.2692
London medieval
London mercury, The 1919-1939P.P.5939.bp
London Morayshire Club ReportP.P.6203.m
London programme of amusementsP.P.2496.raf
London quarterly review, TheP.P.5989.b
London Topographical Society annual recordAc.5666.b
London weekly diary of social eventsP.P.2496.te
Look 2007-.ZK.9.b.24362
Lotus journal, TheP.P.636.ckg
Lovat Dickson's magazineP.P.6004.gmw
Lyceum of Natural History of New York AnnalsAc.3048

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