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Periodicals which are difficult to find in the catalogues: N

This is a quick checklist of periodicals which users of the British Library sometimes find difficult to trace in British Library printed catalogues or Explore the British Library. The list is arranged alphabetically by short title and gives shelfmark or other location information. It is based on enquiries about individual periodical titles frequently made to the Reference Enquiry Desk in the Humanities Reading Room and is extremely selective. Periodical titles not included in this list can be identified using the British Library's catalogues.

Narrow gauge newsP.625/12
Napoli noblissimaP.P.1931.dhb
Nash' magazineP.P.6004.goe
Nation, TheP.P.6392.e
National Association gazette, TheP.P.3611.d
National Asylum Workers Union NA-WU
National geographic magazineAc.6192
National review, The 1855-1864
National review, The
National review, The
National Science Foundation Annual reportAS.1007
Nature(P) BX 80 -E(3)
Nature notesP.P.2011.h
Naturwissenschaftliche RundschauP.P.1453.c
Nautical magazine, TheP.P.4029.b
Naval review, TheAc.8109.d
Nepenthes, TheP.P.5357.i
Neue Rundschau, Die 1894-1996
Neue Rundschau, Die
Document Supply 6077.740000
Neue Schweizer
Neue Zeit,
Neuphilologische MitteilungenAc.9883/2
New broadside, TheCup.1247.h.13
New Europe 1943-P.P.6240.i
New Europe, The 1916-1920P.P.3611.abk
New freewomen, TheC.116.h.7
New internationalist, TheP523/208
New law journal
New law journal. Last year
Social Science Reading Room
New left reviewP.P.7612.ry
New reasoner, TheP.P.3616.abl
New review, TheP.P.6004.gmg
New roadX.989/38704
New society 1962-1988ZC.9.d.559
New Statesman 1913 onwardsZC.9.d.557
New womanZC.9.a.1539
New York Public Library
New York review of
New York review of books. Last yearHumanities - Floor 2
New Yorker, The 1926-1996
New Yorker, The
Document Supply 6089.821000
New Zealand geographical Society ProceedingsAc.6185.b/2
News and notesP.P.1247.adf
Niederländisches Archiv für
Night and dayCup.702.rr.3
Nineteenth century, TheP.P.5939.e
Nineteenth century and after, TheP.P.5939.e
Nineteenth-century fictionP.P.3437.bk
North American review, TheP.P.6320
North British review, TheP.P.6203.b
Notes (Music Library Association)HUS 050
Notes & queriesHLR052
Notes & queries for Somerset and DorsetP.P.6046.bc
Notes and queries on China and
Notes and Records of the Royal SocietyAc.3025/35
Nouvelle revue française, LaP.P.4331.abe
Nouvelle revue, LaP.P.4331.c
Nova 1965-1975P.P.8006.dp
Nova 2000-2001ZK.9.d.2012
Numismatic chronicleAc.5885/2
Numismatisches Literatur-BlattAc.5820
Nuovo archivio venetoP.P.3556.v
Nutrition, dietics, cateringP.P.1524.dfl

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