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Periodicals which are difficult to find in the catalogues: R

This is a quick checklist of periodicals which users of the British Library sometimes find difficult to trace in British Library printed catalogues or Explore the British Library. The list is arranged alphabetically by short title and gives shelfmark or other location information. It is based on enquiries about individual periodical titles frequently made to the Reference Enquiry Desk in the Humanities Reading Room and is extremely selective. Periodical titles not included in this list can be identified using the British Library's catalogues.

R.A.C. guide and
R.N.V.R. magazineP.P.4050.ea
Radical register, The1866.e.6(13)
Radio timesHumanities - Floor 2
Rambler, TheP.P.5639.c
Ray, TheP.P.1055.fb
Reader's digest
Record of zoological literature, TheP.P.2036
Reference catalogue of current literature, AL.R.266.a
7356.435000 DSC
Reliquary, TheP.P.1925.e
Repertoire chronologique d'epigraphie arabe15005.a.2
Repertoire d'epigraphie semitiqueAc.420.b
Repertoire general du theatre francais11735.c1-35
Representations 1983-1996
Representations 1997-
Reports on progress in physicsAc.3019/13
Rerum italicarum scriptores657.f.1-g.13
Retail businessP.P.1425.cae
Retrospective review, TheP.P.5987.b
Returns of owners land England and WalesBS.17/165
Returns of owners land IrelandBS.17/166
Returns of owners land ScotlandBS.22/36
Review of English studies, The
Revista de historia Cubana y AmericanaU.N.P.471/8
Revista italiana di filosofiaP.P.1235.f
Revista trimensal de historia e geographiaP.P.3937
Revolyutsionnuy vostokAc.2352.g/4
Revue africaineAc.6915
Revue belge de philologie et d'histoireAc.9866/2
Revue biblique
Revue blanche, LaP.P.4331.eb
Revue bleueP.P.4290.d
Revue celtiqueP.P.4967
Revue d'ethnographie et des traditions populairesAc.6225.c
Revue d'histoire de la philosophieP.P.1236.fa
Revue d'histoire et de philosophie religieusesAc.2633.b
Revue d'histoire litteraire de la
Revue de dialectologie romaneAc.9867
Revue de l'ensignment des langues vivantesP.P.1199.f
Revue de l'histoire des colonies francaises
Revue de l'histoire des
Revue de
Revue de Paris, LaP.P.4331.g
Revue de sciences religieuses 1921-1996
Revue de sciences religieuses 1997-
Revue des cours et conferencesP.P.1199.eb
Revue des deux mondesP.P.4329
Revue des etudes juivesAc.2016
Revue des sciences ecclesiatiquesP.P.65.d
Revue des traditions populairesAc.9798/2
Revue francaise de l'etranger et des coloniesP.P.3807.afa
Revue hebdomadaire, LaP.P.296.h
Revue tunisienneAc.16
Revue universelle des mines de la
Rheinisches Museum fur Philologie GeschichteP.P.4981
Rhetorische StudienW.P.2119
Ricera scientificaP.P.1449.ha
Ricerche de morfologiaP.P.3188.k
Rider's reviewP.P.636.ckk
Rivista marittimaP.P.4027.l
Rivista tecnica delle ferrovie italianeAc.4304.d
Rocznik poloniiP.P.2460.c
Round table,
Royal Geographical Society, Journal of theAc.6170/2
Royal Geological Society of Cornwall, TransactionsAc.3165
Royal Historical Society, TransactionsAc.8118
Royal magazine, TheP.P.5441
Royal Society, Philosophical transactions Vol 1-110
Royal Society, Philosophical transactions Vol 111-269

Royal Society, ProceedingsAc.3025/21
Royal standards,
Rural sociologyP.P.8004.js
Rural sociology Last yearSocial Science Reading Room
Ruskin Union journalP.P.5998.ah
Russian yearbook, TheP.P.2456.g

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