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The Guilford Project item 7

The manuscript volumes in the Guilford collection frequently include printed items of a topical or ephemeral nature, customarily disregarded by library collections and catalogues.

This brief 'avviso', issued by the official papal printer for distribution throughout the dioceses of Italy, contains instructions for those local confraternities planning a pilgrimage to Rome in the jubilee year of 1725. The jubilees in Rome had become as much secular as religious celebrations: the lay confraternities vied with each other in the size and pomp of their ritual processions and such rivalry invariably led to drunken brawls among the men and 'immodest behaviour' among the women. The papacy sought to curb such disorders by setting and enforcing strict controls: the 1725 jubilee celebrations were in fact unusually restrained, reflecting the character of Benedict XIII (1724-30), a Dominican known for his piety and austerity.

Guilford collection

Avvertimenti et ordini da notificarsi a' fedeli, che intraprendono il viaggio di Roma nell'imminente Anno Santo (In Roma : nella Stamperia della Reverenda Camera Apostolica, 1724). The British Library, Additional MS 8395, f.407. Copyright ©2000, The Briti