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The Guilford Project team

In June 2000, the British Library launched the Guilford Project to produce a modern catalogue of the whole Guilford collection. The new catalogue will make the contents of the collection far more accessible to scholars than ever before.

Steering Committee and Project Manager:

  • John Woodhouse, F.B.A., former Fiat-Serena Professor of Italian, Magdalen College, Oxford
  • Mr John Tuck, Head of British Collections at the British Library (Chair of Steering Committee)
  • Dr Christopher Wright, Head of Manuscripts at the British Library
  • Dr Kristian Jensen, Head of British and Early Printed Collections at the British Library
  • Mrs Patricia Basing, former Curator of Late Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts at the British Library
  • Miss Rachel Stockdale, Head of Manuscripts Cataloguing at the British Library
  • Mr Stephen Parkin, Italian Incunabula at the British Library (Secretary)
  • Dr Scot McKendrick, Head of Medieval and Earlier Manuscripts at the British Library (Project Manager)

Project Officer and other British Library contributors:

  • Dott. Laura Nuvoloni, Project Officer to the Guilford Project.
  • Dr Claire Breay, Department of Manuscripts.
  • Dr Andrea Clarke, Department of Manuscripts.
  • Mrs Marcella Leembruggen, Early Printed Collections.
  • Mr Stephen Parkin, Early Printed Collections.
  • Chris Michaelides, Early Printed Collections.

Further information

Enquiries about the project may be sent to Scot Mckendrick.

The project would welcome information about the present whereabouts of other manuscripts from the Guilford library.


Scot Mckendrick
Head of Western Manuscripts
The British Library
96 Euston Road
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 7412 7507


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