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Index of Manuscripts

This is a published (10 vols.; Cambridge, 1984-6) index of names and persons and places for manuscripts acquired up to the end of 1950.

The Index has been compiled by cutting up and amalgamating the indexes to the printed catalogues that went before. It is arranged so that all entries relating to the same person or place have been brought together. This is perhaps the best place to start when searching for manuscript material relating to an individual or place.

However, the separate catalogues should also be searched for acquisitions after 1950 and for those collections not included in the 'Index'. In all cases, the index entries refer back to the original catalogues, which contain fuller descriptions of the manuscripts listed.

The index includes the following collections: Additional and Egerton MSS acquired up to 1950, Arundel MSS, Ashley MSS, Burney MSS, Charters and rolls (to 1950), Cotton MSS, Hargrave MSS, Harley MSS, King's MSS, Lansdowne MSS, Royal MSS, Sloane MSS, Stowe MSS, Yates Thompson MSS, Seals (not all), Papyri.