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Named Manuscripts Collections and Archives - A

Aberconway Papers
Christabel Mary Melville McLaren (b.1890, d.1974), wife of Henry Duncan McLaren, 2nd Baron Aberconway.
Location and Catalogue: 52432-5, 52550-6, 57485, 60382-3, 63464, 70775-9, 70831-8, 71173.

George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen. Official and private correspondence and papers.
Location and Catalogue: 43039-43358, 41557-60. Printed material received with the collection is in DPB: B.P.12.

Acre, Siege of
Charters forged by Eugene Henri Courtois and Paul Letellier purporting to relate to loans issued during the siege of Acre.
Location and Catalogue: Add. Ch. 76913-76946 B.

Alba Amicorum
Location and Catalogue:
Eg. MSS 1178-1499 & 1536-1607. For a more complete list see M.A.E. Nickson, Early Autograph Albums p.28 and Class Catalogue 29, parts III & IV.

Alnwick microfilm
See under Northumberland Papers.
Location and Catalogue:  

Alstein Collection
Collected by Baron P.L. van Alstein. Philology, Peru, etc.
Location and Catalogue: 25313-25328.

Altamira Papers
16th & 17th c. Spain.
Location and Catalogue: 28334-28503, 28262-4.

Althorp Papers
Spencer family. Family and political papers.
Location and Catalogue: 75301-78155.

Alvarez Papers
Al Alvarez, critic and author. Personal papers.
Location and Catalogue: See Superintendent.

Arncliffe-Sennett Papers
Maud Arncliffe-Sennett. Women's suffrage.
Location and Catalogue: DPB: C.121.g.1 (37 vols).

Ashbee Bequest
Bequeathed by Henry Spender Ashbee, bibliophile. A list of his printed books is in the Humanities Reading Room.
Location and Catalogue: 37025, 38807-9, 38826-30.

Ashburnham MSS
Collected by Bertram Ashburnham 4th Earl of Ashburnham.
Location and Catalogue: 35283-98.

Auckland Papers
William Eden, 1st Baron Auckland. Political and private correspondence and papers, with some papers of his son, George Eden, 1st Earl of Auckland. 1660-1861.
Location and Catalogue: 34412-34471, 37689-37718, 45728-30, 46490-1, 46519, 54238, 59704.

Avebury Papers
Sir John Lubbock, 1st Baron Avebury. Correspondence, etc. 1855-1911.
Location and Catalogue: 49638-49681, 62679-62693.