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Named Manuscripts Collections and Archives - D

D'Abernon Papers
Scope: Sir Edgar Vincent, Viscount D'Abernon (b. 1857, d. 1941). Correspondence, diaries and papers.
Location and Catalogue: 48922-48962.

Danby Papers
Scope: Sir Thomas Osborne, 1st Duke of Leeds. Correspondence and papers.
Location and Catalogue: 28040-95, Eg. MSS 3324-3400.

Davies, Peter Maxwell
Scope: Music MSS.
Location and Catalogue: RBMRR: 71252-71445.

Davies, Scrope
Scope: Scrope Berdmore Davies.
Location and Catalogue: Loan 70/1-23.

Davis, Henry
Scope: See under Henry Davis Gift.
Location and Catalogue:  

Davy's Suffolk Collection
Scope: Pedigrees of Suffolk families compiled by David E. Davy.
Location and Catalogue: 19077 - 19247: see catalogue by G. Gatfield. 32483-4.

Dawson, Warren
Scope: Warren Royal Dawson. Egyptology, antiquarian.
Location and Catalogue: 56258-56330.

De L'Isle & Dudley Papers at Penshurst
Location and Catalogue: Microfilms M772/1-65.

Devon Collection
Scope: Collected by Charles Devon, clerk in the Chapter House. Record Commission.
Location and Catalogue: 24688-24858.

Dilke Papers
Scope: Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke, 2nd Bart. 1869, P.C. M.P. (b. 1843, d. 1911). Correspondence, literary manuscripts and other papers.
Location and Catalogue: 43874-43967, 49385-49455, 49610-2, 58227-58234. Printed material received with the collection is in SPIS.

Dragonetti Bequest
Scope: Bequeathed by Domenico Dragonetti.
Location and Catalogue: RBMRR: 15979-16160.

Dropmore Papers
Scope: William Wyndham Grenville (b.1759, d.1834), Baron Grenville. Correspondence and papers.
Location and Catalogue: 58855-59494, 69038-69411. See Superintendent for recent acquisitions.

Drury Lane Theatre Collection
Scope: 18th century plays submitted to Sheridan.
Location and Catalogue: 25906-26036.

Dunkin Collection
Scope: Sussex clergy.
Location and Catalogue: 39326-39546. For the multi-volume sets arranged alphabetically, the name sought must follow the MS number.

Durrell Papers
Scope: Papers of Lawrence George Durell, author, and his family.
Location and Catalogue: 73092-73162.

Dutt, R. Palme Papers
Scope: Rajani Palme Dutt (b. 1896), political activist and intellectual.
Location and Catalogue: DPB Cup.1262. K. 1-6.