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Named Manuscripts Collections and Archives - E-F

Egmont Papers
Scope: Perceval family.
Location and Catalogue: 46920-47213, 17720, 27980-90, 78703-78705.

Elgar, Edward
Scope: Music MSS (main collection).
Location and Catalogue: RBMRR: 57984-58068, 63146-63166, 69827-69845, 71127-71129.

Elkin Matthews
Scope: Microfilm of publisher's archive.
Location and Catalogue: DPB Mic. B53/59 (& BSDS).

Ellacombe Collection
Scope: Rev. Henry Thomas Ellacombe (or Ellicombe) (b. 1790, d. 1885). Church bell inscriptions, etc. An index to the first 2 vols. by R.W.M. Clouston is available as Pamphlet 3559.
Location and Catalogue: 33202-6.

Ellis Papers
Scope: John Ellis (b. 1643?, d. 1738), under-secretary of state. Official and private correspondence.
Location and Catalogue: 28875-28956

Escott Papers
Scope: Thomas Hay Sweet Escott (b. 1844, d. 1824), classical scholar and journalist. Correspondence and papers.
Location and Catalogue: 58774-58801

 Esher, Lord
Scope: Although we have some Lord Esher correspondence, his diaries, journals and other papers are at Churchill College, Cambridge. The statement in Chris Cook's Sources for British Political History Vol.2 that his papers and diaries 1914-17 are here is therefore incorrect. (This mistaken reference has been repeated elsewhere.)
Location and Catalogue:

Evelyn Archive
Scope: John Evelyn (b. 1620, d. 1706), virtuoso and diarist.
Location and Catalogue: 78168-78693. Draft descriptions are available in the Reading Room.

Fleming Papers
Scope: Sir Alexander Fleming (d. 1955). Correspondence, notebooks and papers, some relating to Edinburgh University.
Location and Catalogue: 56106-56225, 71717.

Ford Diaries
Scope: See Superintedent.
Location and Catalogue: 74588-74641.

Fortescue Papers
Scope: See under Dropmore.
Location and Catalogue:  

Franks Bequest
Scope: Book-plates.
Location and Catalogue: British Museum, Prints and Drawings.

Franks Bequest
Scope: Book-stamps.
Location and Catalogue: DPB: LR. 40. i. 9.

Franks Bequest
Scope: Brass rubbings.
Location and Catalogue: 34891-4.

Fry & Woods Papers
Scope: Bible and correspondence of Elizabeth Fry and family, with papers of the family of Frank Woods, husband of Mrs Fry's granddaughter, Alice Octavia Fry.
Location and Catalogue: 73528-73533.