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Named Manuscripts Collections and Archives - H

Haldimand Papers
Scope: Gen. Sir Frederick Haldimand (b. 1718, d. 1791). Official correspondence and papers.
Location and Catalogue: 21661-21892.

Halifax Papers
Scope: Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax. Correspondence and papers. 1816-1889.
Location and Catalogue: 49531-49593. Printed material received with the collection is in SPIS.

Hall Griffin Papers
Scope: William Hall Griffin (d. 1907). Collections for his life of Robert Browning. Photographs.
Location and Catalogue: 45558-45564 & 74788-74791.

Halsbury Papers
Scope: A selection of the correspondence and papers of the Giffard family, Earls of Halsbury. 1798-1921.
Location and Catalogue: 56367-56377.

Hamilton Papers
Scope: Sir Edward Walter Hamilton, G.C.B. (b. 1847, d. 1908) private secretary to W. E. Gladstone, 1873-1874, 1880-1885, Permanent Secretary to the Treasury, 1902-1907. Diaries and correspondence. 1867-1910.
Location and Catalogue: 48599-48699.

Hammersmith Socialist Society Papers
Scope:   Minute-books and miscellanea of the Hammersmith Branch of the Social Democratic Federation, later named the Hammersmith Socialist Society. 1884-1896.
Location and Catalogue: 45891-4

Hardwicke Papers
Scope: First four Earls of Hardwicke and other members of York families.
Location and Catalogue: 35349-36278, 45030-45047.

Harley Papers
Scope: See under Portland.
Location and Catalogue:  

Harper and Bros.
Scope: Microfilm of publisher's archive.
Location and Catalogue: DPB Mic. B53/215-272 (& BSDS).

Harrod Papers
Scope: Correspondence and papers of Sir Roy Forbes Harrod, economist, and Lady Harrod. 1922-1990.
Location and Catalogue: 71181-71197; 72727-72818 B; & 71609-71620.

Hartlib Papers
Scope: Samuel Hartlib papers at Sheffield University Library.
Location and Catalogue: CD-ROM.

Hasted Collection
Scope: Edward Hasted (b. 1732, d. 1812), historian. Kent.
Location and Catalogue: 5478-5539 (owned); 32353-32375, 33878-33894 (History of Kent).

Hastings, Warren
Scope: Warren Hastings (b. 1732, d. 1818), governor-general of India. Public and private correspondence and papers.
Location and Catalogue: Main collection: 28973-29236, 24222-68, 39871-39904, 41606-11, 45417-8.

Hatfield House microfilm
Scope: Cecil and Salisbury Papers.
Location and Catalogue: Microfilms M485/1-127.

Hatton & Finch Papers
Scope: Hatton & Finch families. 1514-1779.
Location and Catalogue: 29548-29596.

Hay Collection
Scope: Robert Hay et al. Egyptian antiquities.
Location and Catalogue: 29812-29860, 31054-38094.

Heathe and Verney Papers
Scope: Sir Robert Heath, etc.
Location and Catalogue: Eg. MSS 2978-3008, 3779.

Henry Davis Gift
Scope: Bindings, and some MSS.
Location and Catalogue: DPB. Catalogue by M.J. Foot.

Herries Papers
Scope: Charles Herries (b.1778, d.1855), statesman. Correspondence and papers.
Location and Catalogue: 57366-57465, 71096-7.

Hesletine-Delius Letters
Scope: Philip Heseltine to Frederick Delius, 1911-34.
Location and Catalogue: 71167-71169.

Heytesbury Papers
Scope: William A'Court, 1st Baron Heytesbury. Public correspondence.
Location and Catalogue: 41511-41566.

Hill Heraldic Collection
Scope: Collected by Sir George F. Hill.
Location and Catalogue: 46517/1-3 (Italian), 46905-21, 46192.

Hirsch Music MSS
Location and Catalogue: Music Library.

Hobhouse Papers
Scope: See under Broughton Papers.
Location and Catalogue:  

Hodgson Papers
Scope: Accounts and other business papers of Hodgson & Co. book auctioneers, of London. 1825-1964.
Location and Catalogue: 54580-54723, 58128-58148

Holkham Hall MSS
Scope: MSS from Holkham Hall.
Location and Catalogue: 47672-47683, 49363-49371.

Holkham Hall MSS
Scope: Microfilms of Holkham Hall MSS.
Location and Catalogue: BSDS MFR 2550 (107 reels).

Holland House Papers
Scope: Fox family.
Location and Catalogue: 51318-52254. Typescript handlist in Reading Room.

Holme, Randle
Scope: Arms.
Location and Catalogue: Main collection: Harley MSS 2026-2035.

Hummel Manuscripts
Scope: Music MSS by Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Austrian composer and pianist.
Location and Catalogue: 71199-71240. Supplements 32169-32239.

Hunter, Joseph
Scope: Joseph Hunter (b. 1783, d. 1861), antiquary.
Location and Catalogue: Main collection: 24436-24630, 24864-24885, 25459-25481.

Huskisson Papers
Scope: William Huskisson (b. 1770, d. 1830) , statesman. Public and private correspondence.
Location and Catalogue: 38734-70, 39948-9.

Huth Bequest
Scope: MSS bequeathed by Alfred H. Huth.
Location and Catalogue: 38114-38126. See separate catalogue by J.A. Herbert, A.W. Pollard, et al.

Hyndford Papers
Scope: John Carmichael, 3rd Earl of Hyndford. State and diplomatic papers.
Location and Catalogue: 11365-11387, 45113-45121