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Named Manuscripts Collections and Archives - O-R

Paget Papers
Scope: Paget family.
Location and Catalogue: 48383-48416, 51205-51262, 70890-70919.

Palme Dutt, R
Location and Catalogue: See under Dutt.

Palmerston Papers
Scope: Henry John Temple, Viscount Palmerston, and family.
Location and Catalogue: 48417-48589, 45546-56 (Lamb papers), 49963-9, 59853.

Parham Manuscripts
Scope: Collected by Sir Robert Curzon afterwards 14th Baron Zouche, as the result of his travels in the Levant, etc., in 1833 and later.
Location and Catalogue: 39583-39671, 64098 (catalogue).

Paston Letters
Scope: Correspondence and papers of the family of Paston, of Paston, co. Norfolk, during thereigns of Edward IV, Henry VII.  
Location and Catalogue: 27443-27458, 34888-9, 43488-91, 39848-9, 36988, 33597, 45099.

Paver Collection
Scope: William Paver, of York. Genealogical and other collections. Yorkshire.
Location and Catalogue: 29644-29703.

Peel Papers
Scope: Sir Robert Peel (b. 1788, d. 1850), statesman. Correspondence and papers.
Location and Catalogue: 40181-40617, 54316-7, 61831-4

Pelham Papers
Scope: Thomas Pelham, Pelham family, co. Sussex. 1543-1722.
Location and Catalogue: 33084-33201.

Perceval Papers
Scope: Correspondence and papers of the Hon. Spencer Perceval (b. 1762, d. 1812), Prime Minister, and of his family. 1782-1922.
Location and Catalogue: 49173-95.

Petty Papers
Scope: Correspondence and papers of Sir William Petty (1623-1687) F.R.S. political economist, demographer and virtuoso. 1646-1698.
Location and Catalogue: 72850-72908F. There is a separate, printed catalogue.

Pinter Archive
Scope: Harold Pinter, playwright.
Location and Catalogue: Loan 110/1-61. See loans register for list.

Place Papers
Scope: Francis Place (b. 1774, d. 1854), radical reformer. 180 vols. of newspaper cuttings with some MS. materiel: DPB (index in Humanities - Floor 1 Reading Room).
Location and Catalogue: 27789-27859, 35142-54, 36623-8, 37949-50.

Poetry Book Society Archive
Location and Catalogue: Uncatalogued. Ask Superintendent for information.

Poetry Bookshop Papers
Scope: Papers of Harold Monro (b.1879, d.1932) Alida Monro neé Klementaski (b. 1892, d. 1969) and of The Poetry Bookshop, etc. 1889-1969.
Location and Catalogue: 57734-57768.

Portland Papers
Scope: Formerly Loan 29. Harley and related families and Welbeck Abbey MSS (Portland MSS at Longleat = Microfilms M921/1-15. Portland MSS at Univ. of Nottingham = M2003/1-5
Location and Catalogue: 70001-70523.

Positivist Papers
Scope: Richard Congreve, etc.
Location and Catalogue: 43842-4, 45227-45264.

Private Acts Collection
Location and Catalogue: SPIS.

Puisaye Collection
Scope: Comte Joseph de Puisaye. French emigres. 18th-19th cent.
Location and Catalogue: 7972-8090, 37855-37872. Maurice Hutt, Chouannerie and counter-revolution. Puisaye, the princes and the British government in the 1790s , 2 vols. (Cambridge, 1983).

Quaritch Archive
Scope: Messrs. Bernard Quaritch.
Location and Catalogue: 64132-64415.

Quechua (Quichua) language collection
Scope: Collected by Sir Clements Robert Markham, K. C. B. F. R. S. (d. 1916).
Location and Catalogue: 48197-48200, 46216-8.

Ramsay Archive
Scope: Peggy Ramsay.
Location and Catalogue: Uncatalogued. A provisional list is available.

Rattigan Papers
Scope: Papers and correspondence of and relating to Sir Terence Mervyn Rattigan (b. 1911, d. 1977) 1836-1982, n.d.
Location and Catalogue: 74288-74587, 74288.

Ribbesford, co. Worc.
Scope: Sir Henry Herbert, Master of the Revels, relating to Ribbesford, co. Worc.
Location and Catalogue: Add. Ch. 77026-77037.

Ricketts & Shannon Papers
Scope: Correspondence and papers of Charles de Sousy Ricketts, R.A. (b.1866, d.1931) and Charles Haslewood Shannon, R.A. (b.1863, d.1937) artists and connoisseurs.
Location and Catalogue: 58085-58118, 61713-61724.

Riddell Diaries
Scope: Diaries of George Allardice Riddell, Baron Riddell (1865-1934) newspaper proprietor; 1908-1934, n.d.
Location and Catalogue: 62955-62990.

Ripon Papers
Scope: Correspondence of the
Hon. Frederick John Robinson (b. 1782, Id. 1859), created Viscount Goderich 28 Apr. 1827, and Earl of Ripon 13 Apr. 1833.
Location and Catalogue: 40862-40880, 43510-43644. Also letters on Afghanistan / India in DPB: B.P.7/3-11.

Scope: Répertoire International des Sources Musicalesv.
Location and Catalogue: Microfilm M914/1-8.

Romilly Allen, John
Scope: Scrap-books of notes and illustrations, photographs, sketches and printed matter, with rubbings from sculptures and inscriptions, illustrative of archaeology and the history of art, but including also materials collected towards a projected extensive work on the "History of Appliances," by John Romilly Allen, F.S.A., editor of Archeologia Cambrensis, 1887-1907, and of the Reliquary, 1895-1907.
Location and Catalogue: 37539-37628.

Rose Papers
Scope: George, George Henry & Hugh Henry Rose.
Location and Catalogue: 42772-42846. Printed material received with the collection is in SPIS.

Royal Historical Society MSS
Location and Catalogue: 45122-30.

Royal Literary Fund
Location and Catalogue: Loan 96, but microfilms M1077/1-145 to be used. See catalogue by N.Cross or register of microfilms for indexes to case files, etc.

Royal Music MSS
Scope: (pressmark begins with RM).
Location and Catalogue: Music Library.

Royal Musical Association
Location and Catalogue: 71010-71064.

Royal Philharmonic Society
Scope: RBMRR.
Location and Catalogue: Loan 4 (47 vols), Loan 48 (124 vols), 64931-42.

Rubbra Collection
Scope: Edmund Rubbra.
Location and Catalogue: RBMRR 62587-62662.

Scope: Maps of military engagements, camps, fortifications actual and projected, etc. in places throughout the world, from the map collections of the Royal United Services Institution. 1672-1919.
Location and Catalogue: 57636-57722, 71232 A-O.