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Named Manuscripts Collections and Archives - S

Salisbury Papers at Hatfield House
Location and Catalogue: Microfilms M485/1-127.

Schiff Papers
Scope: Correspondence, etc. mainly literary and personal, of Sydney Schiff al. 'Stephen Hudson' (b. 1868, d. 1944) and of his wife, Violet, née Beddington (d. 1962) 1907-1961, n.d.
Location and Catalogue: 52916-52923.

Scott Diaries
Scope: Capt. Robert F. Scott.
Location and Catalogue: 51024-42, 46272. Facsimile ed. = MS.Facs. 777/1-6.

Scrope Davies
Location and Catalogue:See under Davies.

Seiber Collection
Scope: Matyas Seiber.
Location and Catalogue: RBMRR 62784-62887.

Selvaggi Music Collection
Scope: Italian Music collected by Gaspar Selvaggi.
Location and Catalogue: RBMRR 14101-14249.

Shaw Papers
Scope: George Bernard and Charlotte Shaw.
Location and Catalogue: 50508-50743, 45923, 48201, 63179-63203; 43800-2, 71068; 46505-7, 56490-56526; 45903-4 [=56495-6], 45922. Catalogue in preparation.

Sheffield Park Papers
Scope: John Baker Holroyd, 1st Earl, & North Family.
Location and Catalogue: 61860-76, 61979-87, 62139.

Shelburne Papers
Location and Catalogue: See under Bowood.

Showell Collection
Scope: Collected by David Showell. Greenwich, Deptford. Watercolours, letters.
Location and Catalogue: 16945-7.

Shrewsbury Talbot Deeds (or Muniments)
Scope: Name (10 boxes) and place (1 box) index by Edith S. Scroggs and 9 vols. of typescript descriptions are available in the Manuscripts Reading Room. For name index reader must write person's name on ticket.
Location and Catalogue: Add.Ch.72121-74194 (See Add.Cat. 1946-50) 75069-75320 (See Add.Cat. 1951-55) 75428-75433 (See Add.Cat. 1951-1955) .

Silos MSS
Scope: MSS from the monastery of Santo Domingo near Burgos in Spain.
Location and Catalogue: 30844-30857, 11695.

Singer Index
Scope: Index of medieval scientific MSS.
Location and Catalogue: For subject guide to and box numbers of this see T.C. Skeat, Guide to the catalogues, pp.42-3. Request slips should read Singer Index, followed by the box number. The index may also be consulted on microfilms M 2068/1-21.

Skinner Journals & Diaries
Scope: Journals of travels and parochial matters, by Rev. John Skinner, Rector of Camerton, co. Somerset, profusely illustrated with water-colour drawings, and in a few instances with engravings, of the places visited and antiquities discovered. Holland. 1788-1832.
Location and Catalogue: 33633-33730, 52417, 52490-3, Eg. MSS 3099-3123.

Sloane, Hans
Scope: Catalogues of his library.
Location and Catalogue: Sloane 3995, 3972 A, B, C vols 1-8, 3972 D. See photostat is in the MSS RR. DPB 878.n.8.

Sloane, Hans
Scope: Correspondence.
Location and Catalogue: Sloane 3984, 4019-21, 4036-4069.

Smart Collections
Scope: Sir George Thomas Smart.
Location and Catalogue: There are collections of MSS material in the Printed Books, Music Library and Manuscript collections.

Smiles Papers
Scope: Samuel Smiles (b. 1812, d. 1904), author and social reformer.
Location and Catalogue: 71070-71093. See also Add. Ch. 76774-76790.

Society of Authors Papers
Scope:   Correspondence and papers of the Incorporated Society of Authors, Playwrights and Composers; 1879-1982, n.d.
Location and Catalogue: 56575-57264, 63206-63463.

South Sea Co. Papers
Scope: Papers, correspondence and minutes.
Location and Catalogue: 25494-25584.

Sparhawk Papers
Scope: Augustus Sparhawk, chief agent of the expedition d'etudes de Haut Congo.
Location and Catalogue: 71160-71163 B.

Spencer Papers
Location and Catalogue: See under Althorp Papers.

Stanmore Papers
Scope: Arthur Hamilton-Gordon, 1st Baron Stanmore.
Location and Catalogue: 49199-49285. Printed material received with this collection is in SPIS.

Stationers' Company Archive
Scope: Microfilm.
Location and Catalogue: Microfilm M985/1-96 and M 992/1-19.

Stopes Papers
Scope: Correspondence and papers of Marie Charlotte Carmichael Stopes, Ph.D. D.Sc. (b.1880, d.1958) co-founder with her husband, Humphrey Verdon Roe, of the Mother's Clinic for Constructive Birth Control and Racial Progress; 1880-1959.
Location and Catalogue: 58447-58770, 59848. Pamphlets collected by her are in SPIS. Annotated copies of her books are in DPB: Cup.362.a.2.(1-76).

Strachey Papers
Scope: Strachey family.
Location and Catalogue: 60631-60654 (19th c.) 60655-60734 (20th c.) 54219-54223, 53788, 57932-3, 61729-61731, 61825. A further acquisition is uncatalogued.

Strahan Papers
Scope: Account-books and other business papers of William Strahan (formerly Strachan) printer (b. 1715, d. 1785) and his successors and associates in the printing trade.
Location and Catalogue: 48800-48918.

Streatfield Collection
Scope: Collections by Rev. Thomas Streatfeild, of Chart's Edge, Westerham, for a parochial history of Kent, consisting of voluminous biographical, genealogical and heraldic memoranda, extracts from parish registers, wills, and other records, etc.
Location and Catalogue: 33878-33929.

Stuart Papers at Windsor Castle
Location and Catalogue: See under Windsor Castle.

Swan Sonnenschein & Co.
Scope: Microfilm of publisher's archive
Location and Catalogue: DPB Mic. B53/34-58 (& BSDS)