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Named Manuscripts Collections and Archives - T

Talbot Deeds
Location and Catalogue: See under Shrewsbury

Theatres Royal
Scope: .
Location and Catalogue: For a list of MSS see description of Microfilms M952/1-16 & M953/1-35 in register of microfilms.

Thomason Tracts
Scope: Civil War pamphlets.
Location and Catalogue: DPB: E. 1-2272.

Thoresby Park Charters & Rolls
Scope: Calendar = Eg. MSS 3660 A-F.
Location and Catalogue: Eg. Ch.2301-8866.

Thoresby Park Papers
Scope: Pierrepont family.
Location and Catalogue: Eg. MSS 3561-3660.

Thynne Papers
Location and Catalogue: See under Longleat.

Tippett Collection
Scope: Sir Michael Tippett.
Location and Catalogue: Main collection RBMRR: 61748-61804, 63820-63840, 71099-71103.

Townley Manuscripts
Scope: Lancashire.
Location and Catalogue: 32097-32116.

Townley Manuscripts
Scope: Relating to British Museum antiquities.
Location and Catalogue: BM, Dept. of Greek & Roman Antiquities.

Trumbull Papers
Scope: Correspondence and papers of the Trumbull family, consisting chiefly of the archives of the diplomat William Trumbull (circa 1579-1635), his eldest son, William Trumbull (1603-1678), the latter's father-in-law, Georg Rudolph Weckherlin (1584-1653) and son Sir William Trumbull (1639-1716).
Location and Catalogue: 72242-72620.

Turner, Dawson, Collections
Scope: Drawings, engravings and etchings, including nu- merous portraits, maps, etc. collected by Dawson Turner to illustrate Blomefield's "History of Norfolk. 1810-1847.
Location and Catalogue: 23024-23066, 23965, 27967, 29738, 31115.

Turner, Dawson, Collections
Scope: Handbills, playbills, prospectuses, engravings.
Location and Catalogue: DPB 8225. bb.78, DPB 1889. d.14, DPB 1879. b.1.

Turner, J.M.W.
Scope: Royal Academy lecture notes.
Location and Catalogue: 46151 A-BB (28 vols.).

Tynan Archive
Scope: Kenneth Tynan.
Location and Catalogue: Not yet incorporated into the Additional MSS series. Ask the Superintendent for a provisional list.