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Named Manuscripts Collections and Archives - U-Z

Uhlrman, Fred
Scope: Journal of the painter. See Superintendent.
Location and Catalogue: 74735-74740.

Upcott Papers
Scope: William Upcott (b. 1779, d. 1845), antiquary. Collections relating to the topography of Great Britain.
Location and Catalogue: 15921-9, 15930-2, 38728-30, 32558, 49682.

Vaughan Williams, Ralph
Location and Catalogue: See under Williams, Ralph Vaughan.

Venezuela Papers
Scope: collection of transcripts of official letters and documents relating to the occupation by the Spaniards of Trinidad, Margarita, Guiana, Venezuela and other
adjacent provinces and islands of Central and South America, and to their differences there with the English, Dutch. French and Portuguese. 1530-1824.
Location and Catalogue: 36314-53.

Verney Papers at Claydon House
Location and Catalogue: Microfilms M636/1-60.

Vernon Papers
Scope: James Vernon (b. 1646, d. 1727), secretary of state.
Location and Catalogue: 40771-40850.

Vilím Papers
Scope: Papers of Blazej Vilím (b. 1909, d. 1976), secretary-general of Czechoslovak Social Democratic Party and political exile in London.
Location and Catalogue: 74962-74993.

Vivian Collections
Scope: Abstracts of wills and administrations relating to various counties, but chiefly to Devon and Cornwall, by Col. John Lambrick Vivian. Seven volumes.
Location and Catalogue: 34546-52, 34810.

Waldburg Papers
Scope: Waldburg Papers Diaries and papers of Frederika, Countess von Waldburg Wolfegg Waldsee, nee Kauffmann (changed to Marvin in 1932), (b.1895, d.1987) covering her early life in America 1909-1920, her travels in Europe 1920-1934, her married life in Germany 1934-1949 and her subsequent life in London 1949-1987.
Location and Catalogue: 72909-73080

Walpole (Wotterton) Papers
Scope: Correspondence and papers of Horatio Walpole, (b. 1678, d. 1757) diplomatist, and (1756) 1st Baron Walpole of Wolterton.
Location and Catalogue: 73770-74088 B.

Warburton Collection
Scope: John Warburton. Yorkshire.
Location and Catalogue: Lansdowne MSS 889-999.

Waugh Archive
Scope: Evelyn Waugh (b.1903, d.1966). Correspondence.
Location and Catalogue: 69796-8 (Lady Diana Cooper); main archive uncatalogued.

Weaver, Harriet Shaw
Scope: Correspondence, literary and business papers of Harriet Shaw Weaver (b.1876, d.1961) editor of The New Freewoman, later known as The Egoist, and of the Egoist Press, and patron of James Joyce. 
Location and Catalogue: 57345-57352.

Welbeck Abbey MSS
Location and Catalogue:See under Portland Papers

Wellesley Papers
Scope: Richard Wellesley, Earl of Mornington.
Location and Catalogue: 12564-13914, 37274-37318, 37414-37416, 38522, 41072, 70927-8.

Wentworth Bequest
Scope: Family papers relating mainly to Wilfrid Scawen Blunt, author and politician (b.1840, d.1922), and his wife Lady Anne Isabelle Noel Blunt ('Annabella'), neé King, afterw. King-Noel (b.1837, d.1917), granddaughter of Lord Byron and suo jure 15th Baroness Wentworth 1917. 1822-1957, n.d.
Location and Catalogue: 53817-54155.

Wentworth Bequest
Scope: Personal and family papers of Judith Anne Dorothy Blunt Lytton, 16th Baroness Wentworth.
Location and Catalogue: 75003-75284.

Wentworth Papers
Scope: Earls of Strafford (Johnson & Wentworth families).
Location and Catalogue: 22183-22267, 31128-31152, 63465-63475.

Wickham Steed Papers
Scope: Correspondence and papers of Henry Wickham Steed (b. 1871, d. 1956), journalist and political commentator.
Location and Catalogue: 74101-74208.

Willement Collection
Scope: Thomas Willement. Stained glass.
Location and Catalogue: 34866-34873, 52413. 4 vol. guide to Thomas Willement's papers is available.

Williams, H. W., Papers
Location and Catalogue: 73509-73516.

Williams, Ralph Vaughan
Scope: Music MSS.
Location and Catalogue: Main collection RBMRR: 50361-50482, 57265-57295, 71476-93.

Windham Papers
Scope: William Windham
Location and Catalogue: 37842-37935, 50851, 51710.

Windsor Castle, microfilms of Royal Archives
Scope: Melbourne Papers.
Location and Catalogue: Microfilm M 859/1-51 (& BSDS).

Windsor Castle, microfilms of Royal Archives
Scope: Stuart Papers.
Location and Catalogue: MFR 711/986 *1105*.

Windsor Castle, microfilms of Royal Archives
Scope: Cumberland Papers.
Location and Catalogue: BSDS MFR 608-710 (also MOD).

Windsor Castle, microfilms of Royal Archives
Location and Catalogue: Map Collections.

Windsor Castle, microfilms of Royal Archives
Scope: Cumberland Maps.
Location and Catalogue: Map Collections.

Windsor Castle, microfilms of Royal Archives
Scope: Cambridge Papers.
Location and Catalogue: Microfilm M 858/1-61 (& BSDS & MOD).

Windsor Castle, microfilms of Royal Archives
Scope: Charles Winston. Stained glass.
Location and Catalogue: 33846-33851 (notes and drawings) 35211A-GG (paintings.

Wolley Manuscripts
Scope: Derbyshire collections of Adam Wolley.
Location and Catalogue: 6666-6718. See separate catalogue by J.C. Cox.

Worshipful Company of Stationers
Scope: s
Location and Catalogue: See under Stationers

Yamana (Yahgan) language collection
Scope: Collected by Rev. Thomas Bridges (d. 1898), Superintendent of the South American Missionary Society in Tierra del Fuego. 1865-1933
Location and Catalogue: 46177-46181C.

Yeats, William Butler
Scope: Corrected proofs.
Location and Catalogue: 55877-55897.

Yelverton Manuscripts
Location and Catalogue: 48000-48196. See separate Catalogue of Additions.

Yriarte Papers
Scope: 16th & 17th c. Spain.
Location and Catalogue: Eg. MSS 284-606.