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Royal United Services Institution (R.U.S.I.) Collection

This is one of the most valuable purchases of maps in the Library's history. It includes the collection of Lord Amherst (1717-97), Commander-in-Chief of the Seven Years War, and that of Sir Augustus Frazer (1776-1835), who appears to have formed a major topographical archive at Woolwich. Both collections are rich in materials for North America and Great Britain.

A third smaller collection relating to the same regions was that of Richard A. Davenport. The other major component was the 'H J' collection, presented to the RUSI by Sir Henry Jones, comprising nearly 600 manuscript maps of continental theatres of war in the 18th century, many of Prussian origin. The collection may thus have come from a Prussian archive. The RUSI collection is divided between Department of Manuscripts and the Map Library.


  • (1) 2-volume handwritten catalogue listing printed and manuscript maps. Naval and military headings with geographical index.
  • (2) Printed list of manuscript maps in accession number order.
  • (3) Database printout of RUSI (Misc.) collection. Geographical (Dewey), date and shelfmark sequences.
  • (4) Handwritten list of maps on rollers. Arrangement based on (1)
  • (5) Indexes of Manuscript maps (1992).
  • (6) Catalogue of Additions to 1971-5(forthcoming)(the manuscript maps only).
  • (7) Manuscripts catalogue
  • None of the items in the RUSI collection are included in the Maps CD-ROM catalogue.