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Tithe and enclosure maps

Tithe and enclosure records are important as one of the few sources of large-scale, systematic mapping of England and Wales. The original, manuscript tithe maps (mostly c.1836) are generally held in the National Archives or local record offices, with the British Library owning very few. Some tithe maps have been digitised and made available online. 

All tithe and enclosure maps show dwellings and give details of property owners, and so are useful for historical research. They do not cover all of England or Wales, and are variable in quality and scale, however. The National Archive's Domestic Information Research Guide 41, Tithe Records, contains a short history and description of tithe maps in England and Wales.

The British Library owns very few tithe maps, in the counties of Essex, Wiltshire, and Somerset. All may be found on Explore the British Library by searching for "tithe" and limiting the date to 1836-1860 in the cartographic materials subset.

An inventory of extant tithe and enclosure maps can be found in the following reference works (available on Open Access in the Maps Reading Room):

Kain, Roger J.P. and Oliver, Richard, R. The tithe maps of England and Wales (1995). An inventory and maps, county-by-county, of tithe documents in The National Archives. Open Access in the Maps Reading Room. Maps Ref. G.2a.Eng/Wales (14.)

Kain, Roger J.P., John Chapman, and Richard R. Oliver. The Enclosure Maps of England and Wales, 1595-1918: A Cartographic Analysis and Electronic Catalogue (Cambridge University Press, 2004). Maps Ref. G.2.a.(Eng/Wales).(17.)

Kain, Roger J.P. The 1836 national tithe files database on CD ROM : a socio-economic survey of land use and the agricultural economy. CD-ROM of searchable database and maps containing all data extracted from the 1836 National Tithe Survey Report Forms. The CD (Maps e-media CD102) is available for use on the standalone in the Maps Reading Room. The guide and tutorial should be ordered via Explore the British Library.

List and Index Society. Tithe maps and apportionments (1972). Part I, Bedfordshire to Northumberland. Open Access in the Maps Reading Room. Maps Ref.G.2a (Eng)(5)(1) ; Part II, Nottingham to Yorkshire, Wales. Maps Ref. G.2a (Eng)(5)(2).

Some county record office catalogues, most of which contain tithe map holdings, are available on Open Access in the Maps Reading Room, at Maps Ref G3...

Tithe and Enclosure Maps Online

England - Counties 

Some counties and council record offices have scanned their map holdings and made them available online, but the majority have information on their web pages about what is held and how to access the records and maps. For counties that do not appear on the list, contact The National Archives or the relevant county record office.  

Bedfordshire Tithe records: No maps online. Information about Bedfordshire tithe records and listing of conspectus parishes.

Buckinghamshire Tithe Maps: No maps online. Information about Buckinghamshire’s enclosure and tithe Maps. Enclosure map of the Parish of Sherington in the county of Buckinghamshire is online.

Cambridgeshire Archives: No maps online. Lists, in pdf, of tithe maps and apportionments in the county record offices of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdon.

Cheshire's Tithe Maps Online: Almost 500 Cheshire tithe maps are now available online. Together with the information recorded in tithe apportionments, they are a unique record of land ownership, occupancy and use in Cheshire 150 years ago.

Cornwall Tithe project: No maps currently online, though digitisation is underway and materials are meant to be available on the web in 2011. CD-ROMs of maps and apportionments may be purchased online.

Cumbria: A database of tithe map entries for the Bampton Tithe Map of 1838-9, in the Eden District of Cumbria, was created and is available online. The map itself is not online. 

Derbyshire Tithe Maps: No maps online. Information about the tithe maps on Derbyshire. For the area of Lower Dove, (over the Derbyshire/Staffordshire border) tithe maps of 17 of the 32 townships are available. 

Devon Tithe Records: For the district of East Devon, 36 of the 1840 tithe maps, covering all 29 parishes of current-day East Devon, have been digitised and are available via Parishscapes. The Modbury Tithe Map (1841) is a digitised copy of the large - 6ft x 4ft - map portraying the village of Modbury in the South Hams region. 

Dorset Coast Digital: No maps online. General information about Tithe maps of Dorset and holding.

East Sussex Tithe Maps: No maps online. The majority of East Sussex tithe maps are available on CD for £13 each. Each CD has a map of one East Sussex parish.

Essex Tithe Maps: No maps online. Information about Essex tithe maps.

Hampshire Tithe maps: Information about tithe maps of Hampshire. Coverage varies by location, eg Tithe maps of South Stoneham in Hampshire are online via an interactive map. For the area covered by the present Borough of Basingstoke & Deane, North Hampshire Tithe Map Project has downloadable map images. The Hampshire Record Office has plans in place for digitising all the tithe maps of Hampshire .

Kent Archaeological Society: No maps online. Information on where to find tithe maps of Kent.

Lancashire: Tithe Map of the Caton parish, published 1843. 

Norfolk E-map Explorer: The Norfolk E-map Explorer includes nearly 700 tithe and enclosure maps, which cover about 85% of Norfolk.

Northumberland: Tithe maps, manuscripts and old photograph of various locations in Northumberland

Nottinghamshire Tithe Awards: No maps online. Information about Nottingham Tithe awards.

Staffordshire places: No maps online. Information about  tithe maps for Staffordshire. A guide and listing, Tithe Maps and Awards, created by Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Archive Service is available. For the area of Lower Dove, (over the Derbyshire/Staffordshire border) tithe maps of 17 of the 32 townships are online. 

Surrey Tithe Maps: No maps online. Information on where to find tithe and enclosure maps of Surrey.

Warwickshire County Record Office: No maps online. Database of the information contained in the Warwickshire tithe apportionments, produced after the Tithe Commutation Act of 1836. The whole of our county is contained within the two modern dioceses of Birmingham and Coventry.

West Sussex Tithe Award Maps, 1808-1859: 23 map images, digitised from the West Sussex Record Office Collections.

West Yorkshire: Tracks in Time: The Leeds Tithe Project has a "Tithe Map Gallery" that makes available the 58 tithe maps covering the Leeds Metropolitan District (according to parish). 

Wiltshire: Tithe maps online for the village of Lynehamville

Worcestershire Tithe and Enclosure Map Project: This project provides on-line access to digitised 18th and 19th century maps in the county, together with their attached documentary evidence. Enclosure maps are online for Badsey (village and civil parish in Wychavon district.


Tithe Maps of Wales

No maps online. All of the Welsh Church Commissioners copies of the tithe maps, held by the National Library of Wales (NLW), are catalogued and may be found in the online catalogue. This is not a complete set of maps, as not every tithe district had a map and some border parishes decided to remain in the Church of England (as opposed to the Church in Wales) and so are not held at NLW.

The 1840 Tithe Map of the parish of Llangattock Juxta in Caerleon (Welsh: Caerllion), South Wales (with each building and plot of land numbered) is available online at the Tithe Map Of Caerleon.