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Composer resources - H to L

The composer catalogues, biographies and bibliographies listed here are a representative sample of material available on the open shelves of the Rare Books & Music Reading Room.

G.F. HANDELBurrows, Donald & Ronish, Martha J.A catalogue of Handel's musical autographs (Oxford, 1993).
G.F. HANDELHurley, David RossHandel's muse: patterns of creation in his oratorios and musical dramas, 1743- 1751 (Oxford, 2000).
G.F. HANDELParker-Hale, Mary AnnG F Handel: a guide to research (New York, London, 1988).
G.F. HANDELSmith, William C.Handel: a descriptive catalogue of the early editions (2nd ed., Oxford, 1970).
G.F. HANDELBaselt, BerndHändel-Handbuch: Thematisch-systematisches Verzeichnis von Bernd Baselt (Leipzig, 1978- ).
G.F. HANDELBell, A. CraigHandel: chronological thematic catalogue (2nd impression, Darley, 1973).
J. HAYDNWyn Jones, D. (ed.)Haydn (Oxford, 2002).
J. HAYDNGrave, F. K. & Grave, M. G.Franz Joseph Haydn: a guide to research (New York, 1990).
J. HAYDNStock, Karl F; Heilinger, R. & Stock, M.Haydn-Bibliographien (Graz, 1991).
J. HAYDNBryant, S. C. & Chapman, G. W.A melodic index to Haydn's instrumental music: a thematic locator for Anthony van Hoboken's Thematisch-bibliographisches Werkverzeichnis, vols I & III (New York, 1982).
J. HAYDNHoboken, Anthony vanJoseph Haydn: thematisch-bibliographisches Werkverzeichnis (Mainz, 1957, 1971, 1978). 3 vols.
M. HAYDNSherman, Charles H. & Thomas, T. DonleyJohann Michael Haydn (1737-1806): a chronological thematic catalogue of his works (Stuyvesant, N.Y., 1993).
A. HODDINOTTCraggs, Stewart R.Alun Hoddinott: a bio-bibliography (Westport, London, 1993).
E.T.A. HOFFMANNAllroggen, GerhardETA Hoffmanns Kompositionen: ein chronologisch-thematisches Verzeichnis seiner musikalischen Werke mit einer Einführung (Regensburg, 1970).
G. HOLSTHolst, ImogenA thematic catalogue of Gustav Holst's music (London, 1974).
J.N. HUMMELZimmerschied, DieterThematisches Verzeichnis der Werke von Johann Nepomuk Hummel (Hofheim, 1971).
J. IRELANDRichards, FionaThe music of John Ireland (Aldershot, 2000).
J. IRELANDCraggs, Stewart R.John Ireland: a catalogue, discography, and bibliography (Oxford, 1993).
H. ISAACPicker, MartinHenricus Isaac: a guide to research (New York, London, 1991).
C. IVESSinclair, James B.A descriptive catalogue of the music of Charles Ives (New Haven, 1999).
C. IVESSherwood, GayleCharles Ives: a guide to research (New York, 2002).
L. JANACEKSimeone, NigelThe first editions of Leos Janácek: a bibliographic guide with reproductions of titlepages (Tutzing, 1991).
L. JANACEKSimeone, Nigel; Tyrrell, John; & Nemcová, AlenaJanácek's works: a catalogue of the music and writings of Leos Janácek (Oxford, 1997).
S. JOPLINPing-Robbins, Nancy R.Scott Joplin: a guide to research (New York, London, 1998).
JOSQUIN DES PRESCharles, Sydney R.Josquin des Prez: a guide to research (New York, London, 1983).
Z. KODÁLYHoulahan, Micheál & Tacka, PhilipZoltán Kodály: a guide to research (New York, London, 1998).
E. KRENEKBowles, Garrett H.Ernst Krenek: a bio-bibliography (New York, London, 1989).
J. LANGLAISThomerson, KathleenJean Langlais: a bio-bibliography (New York, London, 1988).
O. LASSUSErb, JamesOrlando di Lasso: a guide to research (New York, London, 1990).
H. LAWESSpink, IanHenry Lawes: Cavalier songwriter (Oxford, 2000).
F. LEHARRourke, SeanFranz Lehar: Thematischer index (London, 1985).
F. LISZTAuman, Elizabeth H. & White, Raymond A.The music manuscripts, first editions, and correspondence of Franz Liszt ... in the ... Library of Congress (Washington, 1991).
F. LISZTEckhardt, Mária P.Liszt's music in the National Szechényi Library (Budapest, 1986).
F. LISZTSaffle, MichaelFranz Liszt: a guide to research (New York, London, 1991).
F. LISZT Thematisches Verzeichniss der Werke, Bearbeitungen und Transcriptionen von Franz Liszt (Neue vervollständigte Ausgabe, reprinted, London, 1965).
J.-B. LULLYGustafson, BruceA thematic locator for the works of Jean-Baptiste Lully (New York, 1989).
J.-B. LULLYSchneider, HerbertChronologisch-thematisches Verzeichnis sämtlicher Werke von Jean-Bapiste Lully (Tutzing, 1981).