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General music reference books available at the British Library

The reference books listed here are a representative sample of material available on the open shelves of the Rare Books & Music Reading Room.

Adler, GuidoHandbuch der Musikgeschichte (Fotomechanischer Nachdruck der zweiten Auflage, Berlin 1930, München, 1975). 3 vols.
Arnold, Denis (ed.)The new Oxford companion to music (Oxford, 1983). 2 vols.
Burney, CharlesA general history of music (London, 1776-89). 4 vols.
Caldwell, JohnThe Oxford history of English music (Oxford, 1991, 1999). 2 vols.
Dahlhaus, CarlNeues Handbuch der Musikwissenschaft (Wiesbaden, 1980-95). 13 vols.
Eisler, Paul EWorld chronology of music history (New York, 1972-).
Finscher, LudwigDie Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart: allgemeine Enzyklopädie der Musik ... Zweite, neubearbeitete Ausgabe ... herausgegeben von Ludwig Finscher (Kassel, 1994- ).
Grout, Donald JA history of Western music (6th ed., New York, 2001). 
Hadow, Sir William HThe Oxford history of music (2nd ed., London, 1929-38). 8 vols.
Honegger, Marc (ed.)Dictionnaire de la musique ( Nouv. éd., Paris, 1986). 2 vols.
Poulton, Alan J.A dictionary-catalog of modern British composers (Westport, Conn., 2000).
Randel, Don MichaelThe New Harvard dictionary of music. Edited by Don Michael Randel (Cambridge, Mass., 1986).
Sartori, Claudio (ed.)Enciclopedia della Musica (Milan, 1963-4). 4 vols.
Sartori, Claudio (ed.)Dizionario Ricordi della musica e dei musicisti (Milan, 1959).
Sadie, Stanley (ed.)The New Grove dictionary of music and musicians, 2nd ed. (London, 2001). 29 vols. (Earlier editions also held.)
Samson, Jim (ed.)The Cambridge history of nineteenth-century music (Cambridge, 2001).
Slonimsky, NicolasBaker's biographical dictionary of musicians, 10th ed, ed. Laura Kuhn (New York, 2001). 
Slonimsky, NicolasBaker's biographical dictionary of twentieth-century classical musicians, ed. Laura Kuhn (New York, 1997). 
Vannes, RenéDictionnaire des musiciens compositeurs (Brussels, 1947).
Wyn Jones, David (ed.)Music in eighteenth-century Britain (Aldershot, 2000).


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