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Reference books on music printing and publishing available at the British Library

The reference books listed here are a representative sample of material available on the open shelves of the Rare Books & Music Reading Room.

Bernstein, Jane A.Music printing in Renaissance Venice: the Scotto Press 1539-1572 (New York, Oxford, 1998).
Cooper, Victoria L.The house of Novello : practice and policy of a Victorian music publisher, 1829-1866 (Aldershot, 2003).
Devriès, A. & Lesure, F.Dictionnaire des éditeurs de musique français - 1820 (Geneve, 1979); 1820-1914 (Geneve, 1988). 3 vols.
Duggan, Mary KayItalian music incunabula: printers and type (Berkeley, 1992).
Hopkinson, CecilA dictionary of Parisian music publishers, 1700-1950 (London, 1954).
Humphries, C. & Smith, W. C.Music publishing in the British Isles from the beginning until the middle of the 19th century (2nd ed., with supplement, Oxford, 1970).
International ISMN AgencyMusic publishers' international ISMN directory (2nd ed., 1998/99, München, 1998).
Kassler, Michael (ed.)Music entries at Stationers' Hall, 1710-1818 (Aldershot, 2004).
Krummel, D.W.English music printing 1553-1700 (London, 1975).
Krummel, D. W. & Sadie, S. (eds.)Music printing and publishing (Basingstoke, 1990).
Lawford-Hinrichsen, IreneMusic publishing and patronage : C. F. Peters: 1800 to the Holocaust (Kenton, 2000).
Lewis, Mary S.Antonio Gardano, Venetian music printer 1538-1569: a descriptive bibliography and historical study (New York, 1988- ). 4 vols.
Music Publishers' AssociationThe directory of music publishers (London, [latest ed.]).
Neighbour, O.W. & Tyson, A.English music publishers' plate numbers in the first half of the nineteenth century (London, 1965).
Smith, Jeremy L.Thomas East and music publishing in Renaissance England (Oxford, 2003).
Steele, RobertThe earliest English music printing: a description and bibliography of English printed music to the close of the sixteenth century. Reprinted with corrections (Meisenheim. 1965).


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