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Obtaining copies of items from the music collections

A range of copying services (including paper-copy, duplicate microfilm, and photography) is available from the British Library.

Without visiting the Library

Please see the Imaging Services webpages for details of how to order copies, and for an online order form and price list. In order to complete the order form, you will need to trace the item required in the catalogues and make a note of the shelfmark or manuscript number.

Where the item is still in copyright, you will also need to supply a letter from the copyright holder giving permission for the Library to make a copy on your behalf.

Please contact us if you need assistance tracing a particular music item in the catalogues.

W.A. Mozart, 'God is our refuge', K. 20 Partial autograph K.10.a.17.(3.) © The British Library Board

W.A. Mozart, 'God is our refuge', K. 20 Partial autograph K.10.a.17.(3.) held by the British Library

In the Rare Books & Music Reading Room

There are three ways in which the British Library may copy items through the assisted copy service:

  • The work is out of copyright.
  • Under a licence from the rights holders.
  • Under exceptions in law such as fair dealing.

In addition the material to be copied should meet the following criteria

  • the work is out of copyright or appropriate permission from the publisher/copyright holder is provided
  • there is no microfilm copy available (if there is, copies should be printed from microfilm)
  • the volume is in good physical condition


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