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Newspapers: a guide to the shelfmarks of the Major UK national newspapers

Newspapers: a guide to the shelfmarks of the major UK national newspapers in the British Library's newspaper collection.

This is a quick checklist of the major UK national newspapers in the British Library's newspaper collection. It also includes the major evening newspapers published in London. The list is arranged alphabetically by title and provides the date range of our holding of a title, the shelfmark, and brief information concerning incorporations, amalgamations and title changes. For a full record of our holdings of each title and to find out how up-to-date we are with any specific title, you must check Explore the British Library. For titles not shown on the list, you should also check Explore the British Library.


TitleDate rangeShelfmarkComments
Bell's Life in London1822 – 1886MLD14 
Daily Chronicle1872 – May 1930MLD10Incorporated with Daily News and published as News Chronicle in 1930
Daily Express1900 to dateMLD3 
Daily Graphic1890 – 1926MLD22Incorporated with Daily Sketch in 1926
Daily Herald1911 – 1964MLD5Re-launched as Sun in 1964
Daily Mail1896 to dateMLD6 
Daily Mirror1903 to dateMLD4 
Daily News1846 – 1930MLD10Incorporated with Daily Chronicle and published as News Chronicle in 1930
Daily Sketch1909 – 1971MLD19Incorporated with Daily Mail in 1971
Daily Sport / The Sport1988 to dateMLD11D 
Daily Star1978 to dateMLD3B 
Daily Telegraph1855 to dateMLD7 
Daily Worker1930 – 1966MLD20Continues as Morning Star
Evening News1881 – 1987MLD23 
Evening Standard1860 to dateMLD24 
Examiner1808 – 1881MLD63 
Financial News1884 – 1945MLD56Incorporated with Financial Times in 1945
Financial Times1888 to dateMLD11 
Globe1803 – 1921MLD27Incorporated with Pall Mall Gazette in 1921
Graphic1869 – 1932MLD46 
Guardian1821 to dateMLDOriginally titled Manchester Guardian until 1959
Illustrated London News1842 – 1968MLD47 
Illustrated Sunday Herald1915 – 1927MLD36Continues as Sunday Graphic
Independent1986 to dateMLD11A 
Independent on Sunday1989 – 1990MLD44FFrom Jan 1991 onwards with Independent at MLD11A
Lloyd's Illustrated London Newspaper
(later Lloyd's Sunday News)
1842 – 1931MLD37Incorporated with Sunday Graphic in 1931
Mail on Sunday1982 to dateMLD44A 
Morning Chronicle1801 – 1862MLD16Earlier issues from 1770-1800 in the Early English Newspapers collection
Morning Post1801 – 1937MLD9Earlier issues (1772-1800) in Early English Newspapers collection. Incorporated with the Daily Telegraph in 1937
Morning Star1966 to dateMLD20Continuation of the Daily Worker
News Chronicle1930 – 1960MLD10Incorporated with Daily Mail in 1960
News of the World1843 to dateMLD34 
Observer1791 to dateMLD39 
Pall Mall Gazette1865 – 1923MLD28Incorporated with Evening Standard in 1923
People / Sunday People1881 to dateMLD35 
Picture Post1938 – 1957MLD51A 
Reynolds's Weekly Newspaper1850 – 1962MLD43Continues as Sunday Citizen
St James's Gazette1880 – 1905MLD33Incorporated with the Evening Standard
Sphere1900 – 1964LD48 
Sporting Life1859 – 1998MLD12 
Standard1827 – 1916MLD15 
Star (London evening paper)1888 – 1960MLD26 
Sun1964 to dateMLD5 
Sunday Business1996 to dateMLD44G 
Sunday Dispatch1928 – 1961MLD38Continuation of Weekly Dispatch
Sunday Express1918 – 1996MLD42From Oct 1996 onwards with Daily Express at MLD3
Sunday Graphic1927 – 1960MLD36Continuation of Illustrated Sunday Herald
Sunday Mirror1963 to dateMLD44Continuation of Sunday Pictorial
Sunday Pictorial1915 – 1963MLD44Continues as Sunday Mirror
Sunday Telegraph1961 – 1974MLD41From 1975 onwards with Daily Telegraph at MLD7
Sunday Times1822 to dateMLD40 
Times1785 – 1874MLD1Issues for 1875 onwards on Open Access
Today1986 – 1995MLD4A 
Weekly Dispatch1801 – 1928MLD38Continues as Sunday Dispatch
Westminster Budget1893 – 1904MLD29 
Westminster Gazette1893 – 1928MLD31Incorporated with Daily News in 1928

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