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Early American Newspapers by State - C

Newspapers from Connecticut



Newspaper Title & Dates


Bridgeport  American Telegraphe 1800-1804M.misc.645
Bridgeport Herald 1805-1806M.misc.646
Bridgeport Advertiser 1806-1809M.misc.646
Danbury   Connecticut Intelligencer 1809-1810M.misc.641
Danbury Gazette 1810-1811M.misc.641
Day 1812M.misc.641
Republican Farmer 1803-1805M.misc.656
FairfieldFairfield Gazette 1786-1789M.misc.626
Hartford     American Mercury 1821-1829M.misc.665
Connecticut Courant 1821-1835M.A.548
Connecticut Mirror 1809-1832M.misc.651
Hartford Gazette 1794-1795M.misc.721
Times 1817-1822M.misc.652
Times & Hartford Advertiser 1823-1824M.misc.652
Litchfield      Litchfield Gazette 1808-1809M.misc.640
Litchfield Journal 1818M.misc.654
Litchfield Monitor 1784-1807M.misc.653
Litchfield Republican 1819-1821M.misc.654
Litchfield Republican 1821M.misc.655
Miscellany 1821-1822M.misc.655
Witness 1805-1807M.misc.640
Middletown  Connecticut Spectator 1814-1816M.misc.669
Middlesex Gazette 1785-1825M.misc.694
Middlesex Gazette 1826-1828M.misc.643
NewfieldAmerican Telegraphe 1795-1796M.misc.643
New Haven    Columbian Register 4 January 1817 - 14 March 1818 & 17 October - 29 December 1818M.misc.642
Columbian Register & True Republican 21 March - 13 October 1818M.misc.642
Connecticut Herald 1806-1811M.misc.650
New Haven Gazette New Haven Chronicle 1784-1789M.misc.695
Visitor 1802-1803M.misc.638
New London      Bee 1797-1802M.misc.666
Connecticut Gazette 1763-1820M.misc.664
Morning News 1844-1848M.misc.663
New London Summary 1758-1763M.misc.722
True Republican 1807-1808M.misc.661
Weekly Oracle 22 October 1796 - 7 October 1797M.misc.662
Springer's Weekly Oracle 28 October - 30 December 1797M.misc.662
NorwalkIndependent Republican 1802-1803M.misc.659
Norwich      Connecticut Centinel 1802-1804M.misc.648
Courier 1796-1820M.misc.709
Native American 1812-1813M.misc.647
Norwich Courier 1821-1833M.misc.649
Norwich Packet 1773-1802M.misc.696
Religious Messenger 1831-1832M.misc.657
Weekly Register 1791-1795M.misc.658
SharonRural Gazette 1800-1801M.misc.659
Stonington Journal of the Times 1798-1799M.misc.720
Patriot 1801-1803M.misc.720
Windham   Advertiser 1818-1819M.misc.660
Political Visitant 1820M.misc.660
Register 1817-1818M.misc.660
Windham Herald 1791-1810M.misc.637


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