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Early American Newspapers by State - NewH

Newspapers from New Hampshire.

New Hampshire


Newspaper Title & Dates


AmherstAmherst Journal & New Hampshire Advertiser 1795-1796M.misc. 955
Farmers' Cabinet 1802-1820M.misc.708
Farmers' Cabinet 1821-1873M.misc.598
Farmer's Cabinet 1876-1877M.misc. 956
Farmer's Cabinet 1878-1879M.misc.985
Hillsboro Telegraph 1820-1822M.misc.599


American Patriot 1808-1809M.misc.623
Concord Gazette 1806-1809M.misc.631
Concord Herald 1790-1794M.misc.735
Concord Observer 1819-1820M.misc.630
Courier of New Hampshire 1794-1805M.misc.707
Mirrour 1792-1799M.misc.622
New Hampshire Patriot 1809-1833M.misc.707
New Hampshire Patriot and State Gazette 1834-1844M.misc.623
New Hampshire Patriot & State Gazette 1845-1846M.misc.920
New Star 1797M.misc.622
Republican Gazetteer 1796-1797M.misc.622
DoverPolitical & Sentimental Repository 1790-1792M.misc.621


Constitutionalist 1810-1814M.misc.628
Exeter Journal 1778-1779M.misc.629
HanoverAmerican 1816-1817M.misc.620


New Hampshire Recorder 1787-1791M.misc.627
New Hampshire Sentinel 1799-1805M.misc.624
New Hampshire Sentinel 1821-1839M.misc.624
Rising Sun 1795-1798M.misc.625
PortsmouthFederal Observer 1798-1800M.misc.603
Freeman's Journal 1776-1778M.misc.617
Herald of Gospel Liberty 1808-1810 & 1814-1816M.misc.597
New Hampshire Gazette 1756-1831M.misc.617
New Hampshire Journal 1793-1797M.misc.736
New Hampshire Mercury 1784-1788M.misc.736
Oracle of the Day 1797-1799M.misc.700
Oracle of New Hampshire 1817M.misc.602
People's Advocate 1816-1817M.misc.602
Political Star 1804M.misc.602
Portsmouth Journal 1821-1822M.misc.601
Portsmouth Journal 1823-1829M.misc.635
Portsmouth Journal and Rockingham Gazette 1830-1833M.misc.635
Portsmouth Journal of Literature & Politics 1838-1839M.misc.635
Portsmouth & Great Falls Journal of Literature & Politics 13 August 1836 - 1839M.misc.635
Portsmouth Oracle 1803-1821M.misc.601
United States Oracle 1800-1803M.misc.700
WalpoleDemocratic Republican 1812-1813M.misc.618
Farmers Weekly Museum 1797-1810M.misc.712
Political Observatory 1803-1809M.misc.619


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