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Early American Newspapers by State - NewY

Newspapers from New York.

New York


Newspaper Title & Dates


AlbanyAlbany Advertiser 1815-1817M.misc.880
Albany Argus 1813-1820M.misc.600
Albany Centinel 1797-1805 & its Supplement 1799-1800M.misc.615
Albany Chronicle 1796-1798M.misc.881
Albany Daily Advertiser 1815-1817M.misc.868
Albany Journal 1788-1789M.misc.869
Balance 1809-1811M.misc.870
Geographical & Military Museum 1814M.misc.877
Guardian 1807-1808M.misc.877
New York Gazetteer 1782-1784M.misc.878
New York Statesman 1820M.misc.604
Plough Boy 1819-1820M.misc.604
Republican Crisis 1806-1808M.misc.605
Ballston SpaBallston Spa Gazette 1821-1825M.misc.879
Peoples Watch Tower 1818-1820M.misc.606
Rural Visitor 1812M.misc.606
Saratoga Courier 1815-1817M.misc.606
Saratoga Farmer 1821M.misc.606
Saratoga Patriot 1812-1813M.misc.616
Saratoga Register 1798M.misc.606
BinghamtonBroome County Patriot 1812-1813M.misc.840
Political Olio 1813-1814M.misc.840
CatskillAmerican Eagle 1808-1811M.misc.871
Catskill Packet 1792-1793M.misc.872
Cherry ValleyCherry Valley Gazette 1818-1820M.misc.873
Otsego Republican Press 1812-1813M.misc.873
CooperstownCooperstown Federalist 1809-1817M.misc.874
Freemans Journal 1817-1820M.misc.874
Impartial Observer 1808-1809M.misc.874
Otsego Herald 1895-1821M.misc.701
Watch Tower 1814-1819 & 1821-1826M.misc.875
Goshen & NewburghOrange County Patriot 1811-1812M.misc.909
HerkimerBunker Hill 1809-1810M.misc.876
Herkimer Herald 1808-1809M.misc.876
HudsonBalance 1801-1808M.misc.867
Bee 1802-1804M.misc.887
Northern Whig 1809-1820M.misc.886
Wasp 1802-1803M.misc.867


American Journal 1817-1820M.misc.890
American Journal 1821-1823M.misc.608
Ithaca Gazette 1817M.misc.890
Ithaca Herald 1836-1837M.misc.888
Ithaca Journal 1823-1825M.misc.609
Ithaca Journal, Literary Gazette & General Advertiser 1825 M.misc.609
Republican Chronicle 1820M.misc.890
Republican Chronicle 1821-1822M.misc.889
Seneca Republican 1815M.misc.890
KingstonFarmers Register 1792-1793M.misc.893
Ulster Plebeian 1815-1820M.misc.894
LansingburghFarmers Register 1803-1807M.misc.576
Mount PleasantWestchester Herald 1818-1820M.misc.895
New YorkAmerican 1819-1820M.misc.892
American Citizen 1800-1810M.misc.864
Argus & Greenleafs New Daily Advertiser 1795M.misc.910
Chronicle Express 1802-1804M.misc.882
Columbian 1809-1820M.misc.891
Columbian Gazetteer 1793-1794M.misc.896
Commercial Advertiser 1797-1820M.misc.830
Constitutional Gazette 1775-1776M.misc.724
Corrector 1804M.misc.866
Courier 1815 - April 1817M.misc.691
Daily Advertiser 1785-1809M.misc.575
Diary 1792-1794M.misc.848
Exile 1817-1818M.misc.854
Gazette Française 1795-1799M.misc.858
Greenleafs New York Journal & Patriotic Register 1797M.misc.919
Herald 1794-1797M.misc.723
Impartial Gazetteer 1788M.misc.689
Independent Gazette 1783-1784M.misc.613
Independent Journal 1783-1788M.misc.690
Independent New York Gazette 1783M.misc.613
Independent Reflector 1752-1753M.misc.726
Ladies Weekly Museum 1817M.misc.829
Mercantile Advertiser 1798-1820M.misc.862
Military Monitor & American Register 1812-1813M.misc.851
Morning Chronicle 1802-1807M.misc.847
National Advocate 1812-1820M.misc.863
New York Chronicle 1769-1770M.misc.724
New York Daily Advertiser April 1817 - December 1820M.misc.857
New York Daily Gazette 1788-1795M.misc.856
New York Evening Post 1744-1752 & 1794-1795 & 1801-1822M.misc.612
New York Gazette & General Advertiser 1801& 1809M.misc.859
New York Gazette & General Advertiser 1802M.misc.911
New York Gazette: or Weekly Post Boy 1747-1752; 1757-1758; 1767-1768M.misc.611
New York Herald 1802-1817M.misc.860
New York Journal 1784-1793M.misc.861
New-York Journal 1766-1782M.A.121
New York Packet 1783-1792M.misc.826
New York Price Current 1797-1817M.misc.845
New York Spy 1806-1807M.misc.866
New York Weekly Chronicle 1795M.misc.725
New York Weekly Observer 1811M.misc.842
Observateur Impartial 1808M.misc.844
Observer 1809-1811M.misc.842
Olio 1813-1814M.misc.843
Oracle 1808M.misc.844
Patron of Industry 1820-1821M.misc.855
Peoples Friend 1806-1807M.misc.853
Political Bulletin 1810-1811M.misc.854
Prisoner of Hope 1800M.misc.854
Public Advertiser 1807-1813M.misc.831
Register of the Times 1796-1798M.misc.706
Remembrancer 1805M.misc.866
Republican Watch Tower 1803-1807M.misc.614
Republican Watch Tower 1808M.misc.917
Rivingtons New York Gazette 1773-1777M.misc.672
Royal Gazette 1777-1783M.misc.672
Spectator / New York Spectator 1797-1821M.misc.832
Spirit of 76 1809M.misc.846
Statesman 1812-1813M.misc.827
Temple of Reason 1800-1813M.misc.897
Time Piece 1797-1798M.misc.852
United States Shipping List 1810-1812M.misc.846
War 1812-1817M.misc.851
Washington Republican 1809-1810M.misc.846
Weekly Inspector 1806-1807M.misc.866
Weekly Museum 1788-1791M.misc.689
Weekly Visitor 1817-1820M.misc.850
Western Star 1812-1813M.misc.828
Youths Newspaper 1797M.misc.829
NorwichChenango Weekly Advertiser 1811-1812M.misc.840
Columbian Telegraph 1812M.misc.839
Olive Branch 1808-1809M.misc.883
Republican Agriculturalist 1818-1819M.misc.841
Telegraph 1813-1814M.misc.839
OgdensburghSt. Lawrence Gazette 1817-1818M.misc.833
PalmyraPalmyra Register 1817-1820M.misc.834
PeterboroMadison County Herald 1815M.misc.840
PlattsburghAmerican Monitor 1809-1810M.misc.835
Clinton Advertiser 1810-1811M.misc.835
Political Observatory 1811M.misc.835
Republican 1811-1820M.misc.836
PoughkeepsieIndependence 1832-1834M.misc.562
RochesterRochester Telegraph 1818-1820M.misc.837
Sag HarborSuffolk County Recorder 1816-1817M.misc.579
Suffolk Gazette 1804-1811M.misc.578
SalemNorthern Centinel 1798M.misc.838
Northern Post 1804-1806 & 1810-1811 & 1814-1817M.misc.577
Washington Patrol 1795M.misc.610
Saratoga SpringsSaratoga Sentinel 1819-1822M.misc.607
SherburneOlive Branch 1806-1808M.misc.833
Republican Messenger 1810-1811M.misc.883
Sing SingHudson River Chronicle 1837-1850M.misc.849
UticaPatriot 1803-1804M.misc.884
Patrol 1815-1816M.misc.885
Utica Patriot 1804M.misc.884


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